Granlund launches a new Partner Portal to serve business Partners

Granlund aims for long-term collaborative business partnerships that produce bigger, better and longer-lasting benefits for all parties involved. To ensure success a new Partner Portal has been launched.

To serve our partners and customers better, Granlund has introduced an extranet service called Granlund Manager Partner Portal. It is an exclusive resource for Granlund Manager business partners, which provides tools and information to help our partners manage their business better.

Partner advantages

Granlund Manager Partner Portal provides the global Partner Network with easy-to-use tools and world-class sales and support material that help our partners serve our clients better.  The information is visible to logged-in users only.              

“The Granlund Manager Partner portal will help our partners to make the most out of their partnership with Granlund”, says Veikko Martiskainen, Head of International Operations.

The portal includes all the information and tools Granlund´s partners need to market, sell and support Granlund Manager software products and solutions. It also provides opportunities for Granlund partners to connect globally.

Maximize your revenue potential with Granlund Manager

“We want to increase the chances of success by providing our partners with the best possible support. We do this by sharing the skills and experience of the Granlund specialists both online and on-site”, stresses Martiskainen.

The Granlund Manager Partner Portal will help our partners learn how we can make the most out of the partnerships and serve our clients better. In addition it will help all parties, including our clients, maximize their revenue potential.

Interested in becoming a partner? Please contact Veikko Martiskainen