Success stories

Partnering success with Mepco

Mepco, who specializes in building design services in Lithuania, was looking for a tool that would help their clients improve their facility management processes. They found Granlund Manager to be an ideal solution for their clients´s needs.

The cooperation with Granlund and Mepco started at the end of 2016.  The partnership was an ideal match from the beginning and the first project was closed already a few months after signing the collaboration agreement. In a relative short period of time there were already more than ten building complexes with a combined area exceeding 250 000 m2 using Granlund Manager software in Lithuania and Latvia.

“The good fit lies in the strengths of both companies reinforcing each other. Mepco is almost like Granlund in smaller scale, which helped us to understand each other and our clients´s needs perfectly”, says Veikko Martiskainen, Head of International Operations at Granlund.

Benefits and business opportunities

Mepco provides custom BIM engineering services for the property facilities management sector in the Baltics. They had been searching for a collaboration partner for some time to help improve the facility management processes in the stages after the buildings were completed.  They found Granlund Manager to be an ideal tool for their clients.

“The most valuable benefit we have gained from cooperation with Granlund is being able to utilize their know-how and long experience in other markets with our clients in Lithuania”, says CEO Mindaugas Simkus from Mepco. 

He has found that Mepco´s clients are always interested in hearing about the improvements and savings that implementing Granlund Manager would bring to their buildings.

“Another great asset from Granlund Manager is being able to keep in contact with our clients through the software. We are able to offer our existing and new clients better service, as well as keep making them new offers. This is good also for our core business”, adds Simkus.

Working with Granlund

Starting collaboration required devoting time, energy and resources from both Granlund and Mepco to get the work off to a good start. To guarantee this Granlund offered many kinds of specialist support, starting from properly preparing and planning the partnership.

“It is important to understand the product quite well before you can start selling it. Our partners provide the needed support for our clients, so it is important to train their personnel to know the product well”, stresses Martiskainen.

The need for support was greatest at the beginning and collaboration started with an on-the-site-training period at Mepco´s premises. After that Granlund´s training specialists have visited at Mepco whenever needed. Training has also been done over phone and skype, which makes getting answers for questions quick and easy. 

“The product itself is quite easy to understand, and we got everything we needed from Granlund during the training”, confirms Simkus. 

The aim at Granlund is to create long-term collaborative business partnerships that produce bigger, better and long-lasting benefits for all parties involved.

 “We want to increase the chances of success by giving our partners the best possible tools and support”, adds Martiskainen. 

Developing Baltic Markets

The economy is booming in the Baltics and there are a lot of new residential and commercial projects on the pipeline.  The need for efficient facilities management tools is growing by the day.

“Digital maintenance in Lithuania and in the Baltics is still a few years behind compared to Scandinavian countries, but there is great interest and quest for development”, explains Martiskainen.

The world-class CMMS solutions offered by Granlund Manager have awaken a lot of interest in the region. The fully mobile service and the easy implementation that enables the proprietors to take control over building asset data have been met with excitement. 

“This is a good time both for us and Granlund to be in the market.  We have got only positive feedback from our clientele”, states Simkus enthusiastically.


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Veikko Martiskainen

Head of International Operations