About us

Granlund – well-being in the built environment

Granlund is a strongly growing group of companies that specialises in the construction and real estate sector and makes significant investments in innovation and development. Our key goal is to make properties more functional and smarter and to improve human well-being in the built environment. Our areas of expertise include technical building services design, property, energy and environmental consultation, software and renovation.

Granlund was established in 1960. Today we have over 1,000 customer organisations in 30 countries, and employ over 1000 professionals in Finland, Scandinavia, UK, Asia and the Middle East.

Development and innovation

Our success is based on active development and innovation. We constantly seek, develop and test new procedures, software and service. We are on the frontline of deploying advanced digital tools and operating models, such as virtual technologies, the Big Room, Lean and BIM models. Each year, we invest approximately 6–8 per cent of consolidated net sales in research and development. Our goal is to develop sustainability technologies and new ways to manage information in order to serve the users of properties even better. A good example is the Digital twin that will transform property maintenance and services.

International pioneer

Our goal is to be an international pioneer and frontrunner. Our vision is to act as a bold innovator in the global market. We would like to take the real estate and construction sector to the next level with long-term development and innovation. We carry out international projects in all our areas of expertise but the spearhead of our global operations is our software business. Our main markets are the Nordics, Middle East and Asia. Our international offices are located in Shanghai, Dubai, Malmö and Sheffield.

Well-being and happiness in the built environment

We promote human well-being in properties and construction projects. We want to take equally good care of people and buildings and at the same time change the ways of working in the real estate and construction sector. Our aim is to promote happiness in construction projects and property maintenance as happy and healthy people also achieve more. Furthermore, we want to be a workplace that boosts motivation, offers opportunities and helps people to develop. We value diversified expertise and our workplace atmosphere is based on mutual respect. 

Social responsibility, impartiality and quality

We promote energy and environmental responsibility in society through properties. Energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction and environment responsibility are crucial aspects in all of our design, renovation and consulting projects. In addition, Granlund Manager provides state-of-the-art technology that generates energy savings. We want to be an impartial expert partner for our customers and participate in joint efforts to build a better tomorrow. Therefore, we commit to making objective decisions according to sustainability principles. For us, quality control means first and foremost responsibility for our actions.