Quality and environmental policy

Building a better tomorrow

We want to be involved in building a better tomorrow together with our customers and stakeholders. Granlund conforms to the Quality Management System standard ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System standard ISO 14001.

 We are a long-term partner, committed to meeting the requirements set by our operating environment and stakeholders. In everything we do, we follow Granlund’s values and ethical principles as well as valid laws and regulations. 

Values guide our operations

In accordance with our values, we provide excellent customer experiences in a professional and flexible manner. We deliver on our customer promises and we are committed to increasing customer satisfaction. We will achieve these with the help of our skilled, enthusiastic and motivated personnel, who are committed to their own development, our services and our ways of working. We give our employees the chance to grow and develop through a variety of mentoring and training opportunities. We develop our operations continuously in order to improve our performance in quality, environmental and safety matters. This allows us to carry out our responsibility in society, projects and our workplace community.

Building a sustainable society

We are strongly involved in building a sustainable society. Energy-efficient solutions have been at the core of our operations from the beginning, and we reduce the environmental impact of our own and our customers’ operations by building safe and high-quality spaces. With the help of our most skilled talent, we are building sustainable global change and combating climate change and its impact. We increase environmental awareness and communicate our environmental goals and results both internally and externally.

Encouraging the management of environmental impact

We are committed to the continuous improvement of environmental protection and operate according to statutory requirements. The risks in our projects are managed by means of training, resourcing and quality assurance, and by the development of digital solutions that make use of artificial intelligence. The biggest environmental impacts of our operations relate to office spaces as well as our personnel’s commuting and travel. We manage these by encouraging remote working and teleconferencing. Co-working spaces located near our personnel’s homes reduce commuter traffic, and our personnel have employer-subsidised commuter tickets or bicycles at their disposal. The use of electric cars is encouraged with charging stations and we also make office bicycles and scooters available for our personnel to use. 

New solutions for sustainable development through innovations

We innovate sustainable solutions for the optimisation of lifecycles and environments, the flexibility of energy networks, renewable energy solutions and environmental calculation services. Digitalisation enables new kinds of data models and cost accounting solutions that account for the environmental impact of a building’s entire lifecycle and make it visible. We develop new services in increasingly close cooperation with our customers and partners.

Download the quality and environmental policy in PDF

Granlund's ethical ground rules in PDF