Banking OP Group

Building services engineering for the new OP head office

Granlund was responsible for the electrical, lighting and sprinkler design of the renovation of Op Group’s Hiidenkivi office in Vallila, Helsinki, and for business and facilities security.

Renovation of the office building and impressive new construction

The EUR 250 million OP Group's Headquarter investment covered both new construction and renovation. The new building was completed in 2015, and it has seven floors and four underground parking levels. The total area of office space is 60,000 square metres, and the size of the block is 132,000 square kilometres. The head office also houses the OP Museum and the exhibition space of the OP Art Foundation.

Sustainable, convertible and coherent space and eco-friendly materials were the objectives of the project. The renovation made the use of space more efficient by 30 per cent and lowered the operating costs by approximate 25 per cent.

The Vallila block awarded by Tekla

The block in Vallila won the Finnish annual BIM Awards in 2014 and the international Tekla Global BIM Awards soon after. The project won these awards because of its extensive size and challenging environment, its ability to combine old and new elements, complex architecture and a difficult location in a busy environment.

The facade of the OP head office is made from arched glazed and concrete elements, and we used a BIM model to monitor the design and construction of the building. The project was praised for its versatile use of building information modelling and the smooth communication between different parties in the use of BIM.

The block in Vallila won the annual Tekla Global BIM Awards.

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