Granlund PLUS in new service packages

Granlund PLUS combines our specialist design and consulting expertise.

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Granlund PLUS services can now be found in four new packages, which combine our specialist design and consulting expertise. Similar types of service are provided under a common name so customers can be offered clear service entities. PLUS expertise can also be purchased as an individual service.

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Digital & Alive
Impressive presentation premises, easy-to-use AV technology, great acoustics and excellent lighting solutions. Virtual models bring designs to life.

Clean & Cool
 Cleanliness is important on construction sites and gives rise to special requirements in clean environments. Refrigeration is designed to ensure high quality and a pleasant environment.

Powerful & Electric
 Demanding industrial and electrical networks call for uninterruptible power supplies. We also analyse special conditions and magnetic fields.

Security & Safety
A safe operating environment is a prerequisite for companies and government agencies. Reliable IT and radio network connections guarantee operational continuity.

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Sanna Forsman
Lighting, Granlund PLUS

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