OOO Are and Granlund sign an agreement on the use of Granlund Manager

OOO Are, a Russian subsidiary of Are Oy, Finland’s largest building services company, uses Granlund Manager to support its property management services in the St Petersburg region.

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“The need for a tool like Manager is clearly on the rise in Russia, as it is in other developing markets, such as Dubai and China,” says Veikko Martiskainen, Director, Granlund Manager Services. “Manager has been used in Russia before, but the partnership with Are Oy will open up new opportunities in the St Petersburg region in particular.”

Fast deployment in a logistics centre

Granlund Manager was deployed in a logistics centre of Logicor Oy immediately after signing of the agreement.

“From our perspective, Manager was the best tool for production and property management at the Logicor property, and the deployment was a great success,” says Ville Paasonen, COO, OOO Are. “With Manager, we can estimate CAPEX and OPEX for the property and keep track of the costs. In addition, we can offer the tenants an excellent tool for submitting service requests.”

Standing out from the competition

Manager will help OOO Are to improve maintenance efficiency, but the software also enables the company to stand out from the competition in the Russian market.

“We can now transfer service requests to maintenance technicians faster than before, and we expect response times to decrease significantly,” Paasonen notes. “Also, Manager is just the kind of energy monitoring and reporting tool that our customers have been expecting. With Manager, we can take concrete measures that will save energy. We will also stand out from the competition in the Russian market, since there are very few similar software products available locally. Russian tools are too universal for our needs, and most foreign software products are too heavy or have too few functions.”

Start of more extensive collaboration

Logicor’s logistics property is the first step in Manager collaboration.

“I believe we will use Manager at our other sites in the St Petersburg region in the future,” Paasonen says. “We also intend to use Manager internally, for example, in controlling maintenance and failure repair functions. The Russian property maintenance and management market is already rather active, and we are expecting 2017 to be the best year so far for property services. We are going to increase both our net sales and the number of our employees.”

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