We designed a modern geothermal system for an office building in China

Nordic building services expertise is opening up markets in Asia. One of our sites in China is the Renmin Square office building, located in Xi'an, where we designed a geothermal system.

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Finnish building services expertise is turning heads

The European Union's stringent climate and energy targets have promoted the development of Finnish building services competences and the management of indoor conditions. Our expertise is in demand around the world.

"Identifying the most energy efficient actions in buildings and determining the energy savings that they could provide requires high-level calculation, simulation and optimisation expertise, as well as an exhaustive understanding of building services," says Miika Nuuttila, Granlund's Project Manager. "We are able to help Chinese property owners to make decisions when they want to reduce the need to buy energy in and decrease maintenance emissions."

Designing a geothermal system for an office building in China

We planned and designed a geothermal system in collaboration with Robotec for Renmin Square, an office building in Xi'an with approximately 25,000 square metres of floor space. Until now, the building had functioned as a hotel. "The goal of the project was to identify the future office building's heating and cooling requirements at each hour of the day by taking an in-depth tour of the site and using dynamic simulations. After this, we designed the geothermal system for the building," Nuuttila says.

Precise simulation model of the geothermal system

A precise simulation model of the building was created, including the building's geometry and structures, as well as the necessary indoor conditions. The load exerted by people and equipment in each room was taken into consideration, along with the lighting. "In comparison with the similar studies that we have done in Finland, an unusual feature of the work in China was that we also studied the indoor conditions when the building occupants open the windows of the offices," Nuuttila says. "A special feature of the geothermal system designed for the site is that the working solution is cooled to prevent the temperature of the geothermal field from rising."

As the client organisation in China set the boundary conditions and also designed complementary components on the circuit diagram designed by Granlund, a separate inspection was conducted to ensure that the system would function as a whole.

"We simulated the functionality of the circuit diagram, taking into consideration the valves, pipes, heat exchangers and system control, to confirm the temperatures, pressure levels and flow rates before any functional testing on the construction site. The customer received a cost-efficient system for generating heating and cooling energy corresponding precisely to the characteristics and use of the building."

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