Building development and commissioning

Reliability through experience in building development and commissioning

Our building development and commissioning experts have extensive experience in the preparation of renovations, control of designs and supervision. We also bring our extensive experience in technical building services to the table.

Flexible building development services for different situations

We provide building development and commissioning services to companies, professional developers and housing companies either comprehensively or flexibly in specific functions. We smoothly take on the role of building developer, completing cost estimates or taking responsibility for the commissioning of HVAC work. Our areas of special expertise include protected and classified properties, safety consulting and cleanliness management.

Project management in good hands

Our project management team ensures that the construction progresses as planned. Thanks to our extensive background in technical building services, we can also manage the reception tests of a property, which facilitates commissioning. Our consultants, on the other hand, help with project analyses and cost estimation. Our customers rely on our experience in both small- and large-scale renovation projects.

As building developers, we always listen to the end users

As a building developer and supervisor, we always cooperate closely with the end users. In other words, our responsibility does not stop at the commissioning stage, but we ensure user well-being also during the guarantee period. We repair even small problems right away. Our extensive responsibility covers the selection of the best forms of contract and tools. We use workshops, building information models and digital maintenance systems.

Granlund’s building development and commissioning services

  • Project planning
  • Long-term planning
  • Renovation
  • Commissioning of HVAC and electrical work
  • Security coordination
  • Cleanliness management
  • Humidity management
  • Project management
  • Cost estimation and profitability calculation
  • Technical surveys
  • Building development
  • Construction commissioning

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