Cost control services

Cost control services from quantity surveying to lifecycle cost estimation

Our cost control experts survey the costs of the building throughout its lifecycle. Cost calculation, lifecycle assessment and quantity surveying produce reliable information to support decision-making.

Accurate and timely cost calculations and analyses

Our experts provide reliable and transparent cost calculations, assessments and analyses that make the interpretation of documents easier. We answer our customers’ main questions and produce customised tools that allow the customers to analyse the reasons behind the costs of a construction project. The cost estimates of structural systems and HVAC and electrical work are always completed within the agreed schedule.

Lifecycle assessment looks at costs over the long term

We provide information on the lifecycle cost effects of a building, starting from the costs of investment. In our lifecycle cost assessments, we take into account the technical useful life of the building and the costs of energy consumption, use, maintenance and repairs. The level of documentation in our lifecycle cost estimates always meets the requirements of the BREEAM and LEED environmental certificates.

Comprehensive and reliable quantity surveying and cost estimation for HVAC projects

Accurate bills of quantities help in the preparation of cost estimates in renovation and new construction projects. We use building information modelling (BIM) to produce quantity surveying for both HVAC projects and structural systems. In addition, we provide contractors, construction companies and developers with well-thought-out cost estimates during the project preparation stage, based on quantity and cost information from completed projects.

Granlund’s cost estimate, quantity surveying and lifecycle cost estimate services:

  • Cost assessments in regional construction
  • Lifecycle cost estimates and analyses
  • Cost estimation (structural systems, HVAC, electrical work)
  • Cost management
  • Quantity surveying and quantity-based cost estimation (structural systems, HVAC)
  • Comparisons of architectural modellings

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