Property development

Technical and financial expertise to support property development projects

Granlund is a dynamic partner for property development projects of all sizes. Our experts produce both technical and financial information to facilitate decision making in the early stages of space alteration projects.

Technical surveys are validated on site

The technical surveys of property development projects include a range of flexibility and conversion analyses. We analyse the most sensible way of implementing the space alteration, the technical changes required by the new intended use and the flexibility of spaces that are converted from single-tenant to multiple-tenant premises. We analyse the technical building services always carefully on site.

Cost and analysis expertise in property development projects

Our experts have extensive experience in the planning and cost control of large-scale land use plan development projects, including cost analyses and calculations. Market analyses are a tool for mapping out the conditions for success of different tenants and the market situation and purchasing power of the area. Furthermore, we always analyse the potential of digitalisation from the point of view of end user wellbeing and indoor conditions.

Lifecycle reviews and location scenarios

Our experts rely on their comprehensive understanding of the lifecycle costs of properties. In location scenarios for office properties, we pay special attention to the use and maintenance stage. Our priorities are user comfort, overall costs and energy efficiency. Often, we also analyse the potential of new and renewable energy sources.

Granlund’s property development services

  • Lifecycle cost planning
  • Energy services and energy efficiency improvement
  • Project planning
  • Development of land use plans and plan amendment projects
  • Conversion analyses
  • Cost calculation
  • Cost control
  • User, operator and investor reviews
  • Implementing procurement processes
  • Market analyses
  • Dimensioning services
  • Flexibility reviews
  • Technical analyses and surveys
  • Source information reviews in space alteration projects

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