Tenant services

Tenant services – technology designed for users

Alteration planning on commercial and business premises and entire properties requires a thorough understanding of technical building services and the needs of users. We want to ensure the well-being of both properties and people.

Experience with a range of spaces and operating environments

Alterations require experience in different operating environments and technical building services. Our experts have a proven track record of both commercial and office space alterations and the modernisation of public buildings. We know how to turn retail premises into a cosy cafeteria or a traditional office into a multipurpose space.

Taking end users into account during the alteration

The most important step of an alteration process is analysing the initial situation, including cost estimation and impact assessment. We also establish good relations with the end users and set the targets of the alteration early on. We strive to implement the alteration efficiently, but we also take the other users of the property into account.

Well-being and user satisfaction for properties and residential areas

We want to ensure the well-being of both properties and people. We promote human well-being by combining technical data with user experiences and expert analyses. Attention to well-being and health on both indoor and outdoor premises. Thanks to our expertise in both properties and technical building services, we know how important the built environment is for human well-being. For example, high-quality indoor air improves productivity and sufficient lighting improves the quality of sleep. Well-being is a complex phenomenon, but our concepts help to develop it one step at a time. We use digital tools and harness technology to serve its users.

Comprehensive partner in alteration projects

We have extensive experience in alteration project planning, and we take overall responsibility for the planning, project management, building development and commissioning. Furthermore, we take property maintenance into consideration. Our extensive expertise allows us to support the success of the entire project and control its costs effectively.

Granlund’s services for tenants and alteration projects

  • HVAC, electricity and building automation design 
  • Project planning
  • Condition assessments
  • Cost estimates
  • Pipe renovation
  • Building development and commissioning 
  • Simulation and modelling 
  • Control and coordination of planning
  • Contractor surveys and contract preparation
  • Environmental and energy consulting
  • Development plans and concrete action proposals
  • User feedback 
  • Building automation metrics (temperature, carbon dioxide level, humidity, harmful particles)

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