Energy consumption and analysis

Energy consumption, measurement and analysis services

We offer the following comprehensive measurement and analysis services for responsible consumption monitoring. Well-planned energy monitoring reduces the property’s total energy consumption and creates the basis for systematic energy management.

Purchasing, planning and auditing energy metering systems

We help with the planning, purchasing and commissioning of energy metering systems. We select the best ways of implementing the metrics to ensure that the system supports property maintenance and upkeep and promotes its energy-efficient use. Ensuring system functionality through regular audits is also important. A well-planned energy metering system produces dynamic data on the energy consumption of the property, its systems and even individual devices.

Coordination of energy monitoring and action plans

Our experts coordinate the organisation’s energy monitoring and bring their wide-ranging expertise to the table, covering areas such as energy-efficient technical building services, the latest data transfer solutions and Big Data management. We analyse the data collected from the meters and assess the most effective actions for reducing energy consumption at the property. We also prepare metering instructions and strategies.

Hourly remote reading with Granlund Manager

Software such as Granlund Manager or another consumption monitoring system preferred by the customer can collect energy metrics data in real time and provide hourly remote reading. Remote reading data can be transferred to the consumption monitoring system either from the customer’s metering systems or the metering results of power and heat plants. The consumption monitoring system should contain a range of documentation and reporting tools that enable responding to errors and deviations quickly.

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