Energy solutions and calculations

Improved yield from new energy solutions and energy efficiency projects

Granlund’s experts boast the most comprehensive expertise in energy calculations, new energy solutions and extensive hybrid energy systems.

Energy optimisation reveals the best solutions

Our energy calculation and analysis services ensure that we find the best solutions for both simple and complex energy systems. We provide our energy calculation services with the help of workshops and Multi-Objective Building Performance Optimization (MOBO), which enables comparing up to millions of different alternatives efficiently. The highest return on invested capital can be achieved by optimising energy investment as a whole on the basis of reliable information on costs and extensive practical experience.

Energy recycling and storage make energy consumption more efficient

We always analyse the possibilities of recycling electricity, heating or cooling energy or storing it locally. In addition to energy efficiency, capacity management is important in modern energy systems, which is why we pay close attention not only to energy consumption but also to the peak times of energy consumption. This improves demand flexibility. Furthermore, special calculation allows us to solve even the most demanding problems and digital property services help us to optimise the property during use.

Energy efficiency projects improve indoor conditions and reduce operating expenses

In energy efficiency projects, we estimate the renovation need of the property and map out opportunities for improving its energy efficiency. Once completed, the project will increase the value of the property and improve its indoor conditions. We map out the different alternatives comprehensively, which means renewable energy sources will be used in the property, where possible. These include geothermal heat and other heat pump technologies, solar heat and solar power. Regional energy systems and production methods are also taken into account in energy efficiency projects.

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