Lean and Big Room

Lean and Big Room add productive interaction to construction projects

The future of construction is in collaborative work and the well-being and happiness of people within the project organisation. We guide people to work efficiently with a good team spirit.

Big Room takes the productivity of construction projects to a new level

At its best, a construction project is goal-oriented cooperation. Our job is to question old ways of doing things and coordinate collaborative working methods, for example, in alliance projects. We improve human interaction and transparency, which increases the productivity of labour. Big Room and workshops are, primarily, a way of working, making decisions and finding solutions quickly.

Information management and communication in construction projects

The issues of Big Data are becoming evident also in the construction sector. E-mail flood, endless meetings and long memos slow down the flow of information and require meaningless work. Our experts add real-time information management and smart digital communications to construction projects. We renew memo and meeting practices, which means the amount of data is kept under control while the work is still in progress and the decisions reach the right people in the right format.

Using the Last Planner tool

The most important task of the Lean approach is to improve the productivity of labour at the personal and project management levels. We apply the Lean approach to the functional planning of construction projects, ensuring that tasks are prioritised, people use their resources on important tasks instead of meaningless work. Last Planner schedule sessions are a Lean tool that can clarify the organisation’s goals and improve communication.

Granlund’s Lean and Big Room consulting services:

  • Big Room coordination
  • Operating models in construction projects
  • Real-time information management and communication in construction projects
  • Effective meeting practices
  • Workshops and Last Planner sessions
  • Lean consulting and coaching

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