Management consulting

Management consulting – energy, environmental and property management

We offer comprehensive insight into the asset management of companies, comprising energy, environment and property management.

Better portfolio management

We contribute to a higher return on invested capital and promote a rise in the value of property. We ensure the profitability and innovativeness of operations by developing property and facilities strategies, partner networks and processes.

We support our customers in the management of property maintenance and operation. Continuous Capex (Capital Expenditures) management supports repair budgeting and implementation at the portfolio level, while Opex (Operating Exptenditures) management ensures appropriate operation. We help our customers to avoid risks, to ensure that the property operates energy- and eco-efficiently and to make both long- and short-term repair investments wisely.

Support for the purchasing and tendering of property services

The purchasing and tendering of property services are an important part of the property strategy. We support both private and public operators in selecting property management and maintenance partners and developing procedures. We use both our technical and financial expertise in the preparation of procurement materials.

Environmental management increases responsibility and well-being

Environmental responsibility, sustainable development and the circular economy have an effect on the company’s image and expenditure. Human well-being is also an important aspect of environmental management. We help companies find their environmental value potential and the best ways of standing out in their sector. This is why we offer extensive support for the planning, implementation and reporting of environmental strategies. We also provide site-specific environmental risk assessments, environmental calculations and lifecycle reviews to support management.

Top expertise in energy management

We protect our customers’ interests in energy management matters. We help them create cost-effective management processes that are aligned with strategic targets. We prepare energy strategies and support the customer in implementing best practices. We apply the opportunities of legislation and support our customers in compliance management. In addition, we help our customers to put power contracts out to tender. 

Energy management facilitates everyday life

Our energy management services combine top expertise in energy efficiency, long term planning, remote monitoring of technical building services and energy management. We offer comprehensive solutions for optimal energy efficiency management at properties and help to find new ways of saving energy and alternative energy sources.

Granlund’s energy and environmental management services

  • Audits 
  • Energy manager’s duties
  • Environmental manager’s duties
  • Energy reporting
  • Environmental reporting
  • Energy contracts and energy aid
  • Property and building management
  • Purchasing and tendering of property services
  • Development of procurement and purchasing processes
  • Assessment of the present condition
  • Coordination of stakeholder activities
  • Action plans
  • Workshops and other collaborative methods 

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