Management reporting services

Management reporting services – the environment, energy and properties

We offer leading expertise in Capex, Opex, energy and environmental reporting. Our new digital reporting tools help to manage Big Data at properties.

Capex, Opex and energy reporting visualise the largest expenditures at properties

Management reporting refines the available data, making it available for decision making and offering a window for monitoring expenditure and savings. We ensure that the available data is accurate and we address any errors. We combine the data with the property owner’s data and use the best visualisation and analysis tools to support operative management. Our modern solutions make the data available on the customer’s mobile device at all times.   

Environmental reporting describes responsibility

We prepare environmental strategies and, for example, ISO certified environmental systems to support environmental management. We help our customers to digitalise their fragmented practices of collecting environmental data, make the annual reporting process significantly more efficient and measure the environmental impacts of their operations. The digital tools we offer help to visualise data for decision making purposes.

Granlund’s management reporting services:

  • Audits
  • Capex management
  • Compliance analyses
  • Energy management
  • Energy reporting and metrics services 
  • Remote reading and other digital property services 
  • Granlund Manager environmental reporting system 
  • Carbon footprint calculation 
  • Prioritising and scheduling maintenance activities
  • Mapping out the energy-saving potential of the real estate portfolio
  • Site reviews
  • Opex services

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