Regional energy services

The changing energy sector challenges regional energy planning

Spatial planning and surveys help to reduce carbon footprint. We combine our extensive experience in real estate, spatial planning and energy networks into a comprehensive service that strengthens cooperation between the energy and real estate sectors in the constantly changing operating environment.

Smart energy networks enhance energy and cost efficiency

Our comprehensive service covers everything from energy production to energy networks and smart real estate solutions. In the changing environment of the heating and cooling market, our services focus on optimising new smart solutions, such as demand flexibility, the recovery of waste energy streams and bidirectional district heat, at the level of systems. Our solutions bring energy and lifecycle cost savings across the energy system.

Energy efficiency control in spatial planning

We manage the entire lifecycle of regional energy solutions from the setting of sustainability targets to lifecycle cost calculation and from strategic energy management to practical planning. We take the development goals of different regions into account and use the potential of new energy innovations, such as the recycling of energy streams and renewable energy. As a result, we can make all the parties work towards a shared objective.

Granlund’s regional energy services:

  • Management with spatial data and spatial planning 
  • Specification of energy management methods (for example, land use plan regulations, plot handover terms, incentives)
  • Energy purchasing options
  • Energy production and purchasing options
  • Target setting and concrete energy targets
  • Energy networks (district heat and cooling), energy production and infrastructure
  • Recycling and storage of energy streams
  • Bidirectional district heat and cooling
  • Cost and profitability comparisons (regional cost management)
  • Land use planning, support and energy management
  • Modelling, simulation and energy calculation services
  • Service network analyses

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