Supervision of interests

Protection of international property owners’ interests

Granlund provides foreign property investors with protection of interests and consulting services. We perform quality assurance especially in the construction and commissioning phases and during the warranty period.

Quality assurance in the construction process and during the warranty period

Managing an investment property in a foreign country may involve surprises. We provide our foreign customers who acquire properties in Finland with protection of interests to support property management. We ensure on your behalf that promises are kept when it comes to the quality of the property you have acquired

  • when the property is being built
  • when the property has just been completed and is being commissioned
  • when the contractor’s warranty period is still valid

A reliable advisor

Granlund has extensive experience in real estate design, construction and in-use maintenance. Our processes are carefully designed and with modern tools meet the current requirements. We have the best experts from different fields in our service whose knowledge we can tap into on a property-by-property and portfolio-by-property basis. Our multidisciplinary expertise enables us to take both technical details and financial aspects into account.

Services offered by Granlund to protect the interests of property investors

We assure quality and protect your interests. We participate in construction project meetings, go through the Finnish documents related to the construction project or the warranty period and make English summaries for your use. We ensure that what has been agreed is done, we keep you up to date and take action if any problems come up.

  • Reporting: memos, materials, meetings, summaries of documents
  • Cooperation with the site organisation
  • Quality assurance for work and materials
  • Consultation of special experts
  • Cost estimates and cost control

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