Clean room design

Over 30 years of experience in cleanroom design

Granlund is the leading expert in cleanroom design in Finland. Our experts offer their knowhow and experience, along with the most advanced tools, ensuring the appropriate and energy-efficient condition control of cleanrooms.

Designing cleanrooms in demanding environments

Granlund has over 30 years of experience in designing different cleanrooms. We design cleanrooms for hospital pharmacies, the pharmaceutical, bio and food industries, as well as the electronics, optical and semiconductor sectors. In addition, we design spaces that comply with cleanroom standards (GMP and FDA) and provide cleanroom consultancy and training services.

The best cleanroom solutions are created through cooperation

There is no room for error in a cleanroom. For this reason, cleanroom design requires extensive experience. Our designers are used to solving conflicting demands between relief and vacuum spaces and controlling conditions with the help of appropriate ventilation and filtering levels. We also cooperate closely with our customers and offer, for example, several validation models.

Cleanroom expertise for condition monitoring and standardisation

We develop digital tools for cleanrooms and design monitoring systems. These systems make the continuous condition monitoring of cleanrooms more efficient, improving reliability and documentation. Knowledge of industry standards is another key element in cleanroom design. We represent Finland in an international cleanroom working group that develops, for example, the energy efficiency of cleanrooms.

Granlund’s cleanroom design services:

  • HVAC, electricity and automation design for cleanrooms
  • Cleanroom consultancy
  • Cleanroom validation services
  • Cleanroom training
  • Building development and project management
  • Design of monitoring and control systems
  • Design of GMP compliant spaces
  • Cleanliness management during construction. 

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