Industrial design

Decades of experience in industrial design

Granlund is one of the leading experts in energy-efficient industrial design.

Energy efficient design for today’s requirements

Industrial construction projects require experience and wide-ranging expertise. Modern industrial properties must meet today’s requirements with regard to the efficiency and safety of technical building services and take energy consumption and environmental aspects into account. Our operations focus on energy efficiency and the utilisation of cleantech.

Granlund has a long history of international operations

For decades we have designed energy efficient solutions for industrial needs around the world. Our experts’ competence and design quality are at the cutting edge internationally. We help you in concept design and we also supervise the achievement of the designed targets during construction.

Industrial services offered by Granlund

  • Draft and concept design
  • Design and construction monitoring and supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Special expert services

The service is always designed according to the customer’s needs. We provide our customers with a wide range of services and the competence of special experts, with the aim of reaching the best outcome in each case. Read more about our extensive expertise and contact us.

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