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Granlund Designer – The management software of building services device data

Granlund Designer is the first cloud-based software for managing the device data related to building services. Electronic device lists can be created and updated at any time during design, construction, and maintenance.

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Property-specific device lists

Granlund Designer enhances the management of device data, clarifies communication, and supports the everyday life of property developers, supervisors, and property owners. Property-specific device lists and separate lighting lists are saved in one place, which means that all the needed device information is available for the right persons around the clock.

Updated device data of the property's whole life cycle

Designer includes updated lists of property device requirements, which guides and standardises design. Device approval also provides digital as-built information on all device selections made in the property. Change tracking allows you to return to the original design values during the warranty period, property maintenance, and renovations.

First step to BIM-based maintenance

The browser-based Designer software complements design and construction building information models with device data. The software enhances the daily work of maintenance and, at the same time, serves as a first step towards BIM-based maintenance. Designer is also an important part of the digital twin, the virtual property, which is built alongside the real property.

Properties of Granlund Designer

  • As-built information
  • Linking of charts
  • Device approval
  • Device library
  • Device lists
  • Change revisioning
  • Change tracking
  • Project portal
  • Technology fields and roles
  • Printing
  • Lighting lists

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