The McDonald’s Finland restaurant chain

Transparency and quality of maintenance

The McDonald’s restaurant chain uses Granlund Manager for maintenance management in all of its restaurants in Finland. The system is able to support the efficiency of the chain’s operations by increasing the transparency and quality of maintenance. It also contributes to time and cost savings.

McDonald’s is world famous for its concept-based and efficient operating model. Each individual process is supported by a system that was selected after a careful analysis. McDonald’s chose to partner with Granlund Manager for maintenance management in Finland.

The McDonald’s Finland chain began using Granlund Manager for maintenance management five years ago. Nowadays, McDonald’s Finland uses Granlund Manager as a versatile planning, repair and maintenance system. In addition to a maintenance calendar for the restaurant staff, the system also includes user guides for restaurant equipment and detailed information about the restaurant properties.

”Now, in addition to the maintenance calendar, we can find maintenance guides, equipment user guides and restaurant property information on Granlund Manager. This saves us a lot of time, and at the same time we can be certain that the information in the system is up to date,” says Restaurant Support Manager Marko Sokka.

In addition to the benefits related to the transparency and quality of information, Granlund Manager has helped to make time and cost savings.

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