Granlund Manager software

Granlund Manager software

Granlund works with world-class and well-known partners for the storing and handling of customer data.

Data security

Our cloud-based solutions are designed to incorporate the highest standards of security and privacy in order to comply with both customer and local rules and regulations. For customer groups with very sensitive and critical information, Granlund Manager can also be installed locally at the customer’s premises.

Global and Local Support 

Granlund supports customers in more than 30 countries. Our support services include implementation, training and end-user support of the Granlund Manager system. We also conduct building audits, energy reporting and optimisation services, and our customers benefit from the latest innovations and industry best practices from around the world. We work locally together with our certified partners as well as through our own support centres.

On the edge of development

Over the last 20 years, Granlund Manager has been developed into one of the world’s leading Computer Aided Facility Management software. The system not only supports the automation of maintenance tasks, energy reporting and optimisation, but it is also at the cutting edge of developing and integrating Building Information Models (BIM) in maintenance. Granlund is an active member of the buildingSMART organisation, which is the worldwide authority driving the transformation of the built environment through the creation and adoption of open, international standards.

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