Ensuring uninterupted operations

Granlund has served operators for over 20 years and has a deep understanding for maintaining passive infrastructure for fixed and mobile network operators.

Granlund Manager software is a tool for operators to ensure the operability of their passive infrastructure and to gain visibility and predictability in their maintenance, as well as to save operational costs and energy.

Scheduled and ongoing maintenance of passive assets and equipment in fixed- and mobile networks is a basic requirement for ensuring uninterrupted operation. Based on its vast experience in operator field, Granlund Manager has not only built in templates for asset and equipment registers, but has also a deep understanding of the maintenance process related to managing passive infrastructure in network operations.

As data traffic continues to grow, operators need to cope with enlarging networks in order to provide their service. This puts pressure not only on operating, but also maintaining thousands of facilities and hundreds of thousands of critical equipment.

Granlund Manager is developed to help operators to plan and control the maintenance of critical passive infrastructure, like power supply, rectifiers, and batteries. Other assets such as ventilation and cooling are also an important part of the uninterrupted operation of different sites. Granlund Manager works seamlessly with operator’s network management (NMS) or operations support systems (OSS) by extending operational visibility to critical non-Telco equipment as well.

With the help of Granlund Manager, service request can be followed up in real time. Maintenance tasks can be automatically sent to mobile devices of the person assigned to the task, thus shortening the time aspect in time critical maintenance tasks. Scheduled preventive maintenance is also a basic precondition for uninterrupted operation.

Increased data traffic also means increased energy consumption. With the help of Granlund Manager, the energy consumption for thousands of sites can be followed up in real time. The system not only helps to follow up and understand energy consumption, but also fastens the reaction time for energy maintenance actions. The energy management is essential especially with any kind of site sharing cases where operating costs and maintenance needs are shared between operators.

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