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Major savings to universities in facilities management

The Computerised Maintenance Management System Granlund Manager is used at all of Finland’s 14 government-funded universities. The total combined floor area of university buildings is roughly three million square metres. Long-lasting cooperation with universities has resulted in significant cost and energy savings: the annual energy savings have totalled 6% thereby amounting to EUR 3.5 million in the last five years.

The University of Helsinki has made extensive use of Granlund Manager in its facilities management on its four campuses for years now. Property Manager Jaana Ihalainen states that Granlund Manager is an essential part of managing energy data, planning for the long term and controlling the quality of the management of the university’s property portfolio. During the long period of cooperation, the university has added many new features to Granlund Manager and the number of users has increased significantly.

When deciding on a new system, University Properties of Finland Ltd selected Granlund Manager because it met the company’s need to optimise its energy consumption and create functional systems for building technical services and indoor conditions on its premises. The energy management target set out by the company was to achieve savings of up to 6% in energy costs in the period 2011–2016. This target was achieved well before the end of 2016. The company believes in Granlund’s ability to optimise energy consumption and provide good indoor conditions in all their buildings, regardless of their purpose of use.

Long-lasting cooperation with Finnish government-funded universities has enabled Granlund Manager to achieve excellent results. The universities have achieved significant cost and energy savings: the annual energy savings have totalled 6%, i.e. EUR 3.5 million in the last five years.

The broad-based cooperation has covered all areas of facilities management, including the planning and implementation of maintenance activities, energy management, automation, performance optimisation and long-term planning. Cooperation with all the universities will continue with new plans for development.

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