Visibility and ownership of asset data

Granlund Manager stores all of a building´s central assets, giving full visibility of asset information as well as the maintenance actions related to them. Information such as asset documentation, maintenance manuals, technical descriptions, pictures, maintenance reports and drawings can all be easily added into the system. With Granlund Manager, the maintenance data related to a building is always retained, even though suppliers or people change over time.

This software helps us register all maintenance requests, and now we have full visibility on the process. For me it is very important to get this information.”

Mr. Konstantin Kocura, Facility Manager East Point Shopping Center, Tbilisi

Easy to use

Granlund Manager is designed to support a large number of users. The system is very user friendly, with different user views and rights easily customisable depending on a person’s role. With users more than 30 countries, Granlund Manager supports a vast number of different languages, making it truly global.

Plan and follow

Granlund Manager automates the process of handling service requests. A service request can be submitted easily through a mobile device, a web page or a company´s intranet. The person making the request can also automatically follow the status of their request on their mobile phone. Maintenance tasks can be automatically sent to the mobile phone of the person assigned to the task, which optimises time usage.

Scheduled preventive maintenance is a basic precondition for uninterrupted operation of mechanical and electrical systems in a building. Granlund Manager ensures that preventive maintenance tasks can be planned well in advance. The system monitors tasks, making sure they have been carried out as planned and reports deviations automatically.

"Granlund Manager keeps our operations running uninterrupted. The system supports visibility, control and reaction time of our maintenance actions."

Mr. Pasi Miettinen, Vice President, Real Estate Sonera

Contract and supplier management

Handling contracts and actions of different service providers is a vital part of effective facility management. Granlund Manager stores building-related documents and information, making it easy to retrieve, view and print them whenever necessary.

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