Virtual property, a new tool within Granlund Manager, supports the management of maintenance processes. The solution enables an effective use of maintenance management systems and introduces building information models (BIM) to property maintenance.

Managing the property data with the help of digital twins

The Virtual property is the digital twin of the building, helping to manage the data related to the property. The BIM model can contain data from the BIM used during the design phase, from IoT and automation systems and from users. This way, the Virtual property also serves as a communication channel between the property owner, maintenance personnel and users.

New efficient operating models

The digital twin of a property enables condition monitoring at the level of building, floor and space. Quick responses to service requests improves user satisfaction. The Virtual property makes maintenance more transparent. It gives the property manager an overview of the maintenance and the property owner up-to-date information to support decision-making.

Visual 3D tool improves the usability of maintenance systems

The amount of data is growing at properties continuously. Data management can only succeed when property Big Data is displayed as illustratively as possible. The virtual property takes the usability of Granlund Manager to a new level and makes property data visually available to a range of users, from property managers to end users.

Services related to virtual properties

  • Navigation from a 3D layout to different parts of the building
  • Displaying space-specific condition data
  • Allocating service requests to specific rooms
  • A visual user interface for maintenance management


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