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Sound design

Sound brings the premises closer to the user. With sound design, you can create well-being and increase the communication of the premises with the users. We use sound design to enliven a wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities.

Sound design awakens the senses in the built environment

What kind of a story do you want to tell your customers or users of the premises with the help of the soundscape? Sound is an impressive tool for creating moods. With sound design, you can significantly influence the user experience of a space or service. We harness state-of-the-art technology to support sound design to bring well-being and impressive experiences to the built environment.

The customer’s objectives and users’ well-being guide sound design

Whether your goal is to strengthen the brand value, increase sales or influence the use of facilities, we can improve the user experience through sound design.

Soundscapes and moods are always designed with care and professionalism. Together, we will consider what kind of themes are to the added to the customer’s service path. At which contact points do we communicate with the customer. What the user interfaces sound like and how we can, for example, bring the sounds of nature, such as a click of a pine cone falling, into the built environment to make the listener feel good.

Sound design brings nature close, even in the built environment

The sound of raindrops, the sound of wind. The sounds of the Finnish forest and lake landscape reassure busy travellers, for example, in the middle of an airport. Finavia’s Aukio nature oasis makes you feel good and attracts you to visit shops and relax. Also in shopping centres, sound is used to influence emotions, calm the mind and encourage people to enjoy themselves.

Unique sound design team at your disposal

Our sound designers act as part of the unique audiovisual and presentation technology design team. With our diverse sound, lighting and presentation technology service, we can assemble content that is just what you want. We are happy to brainstorm new ways to create value for you and your customers through sound.

In the future, our goal is to make more and more built spaces breathe with sound design. Granlund’s creative professionals work at the Kira HUB, which nurtures diverse cooperation in the real estate and construction sectors, where new insights are created by combining different people’s ideas, expertise and environments in a rather different way.

Our sound design services

  • Design of soundscapes and spatial sound
  • Soundscaping
  • Sound beacon design and accessibility-related special design tasks
  • UX sound design
  • Masking sound design

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It would be great to get rid of generic background music with bad EVAC speakers and all the bland advertisements. As people, we can do better. We used to listen to the nature and learn from it. Sound design can teach us to listen to nature again. And to each other.”

Aki Päivärinne, sound designer, Granlund

Would you like discuss sound design in more detail?

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Leading Expert, TeM
Granlund Oy

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Project Manager, AV systems
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