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Towards a sustainable and smart future. Together.

Granlund is a strongly growing group that specialises in the real estate and construction sectors. We are creating a sustainable and smart future together with our customers and stakeholders. Our professionals, who number more than 1,400, serve in 30 locations across Finland.

Let’s solve the green transition together!

Sustainability and low-carbon solutions are rapidly becoming prerequisites for real estate business

Are you ready to turn sustainability requirements to your advantage? We’re here to help! We clarify the numerous challenges and ESG requirements coming from all sides. We work with you to choose sustainability targets and help achieve them.

We help you choose the right direction, find optimal solutions that fit your budget and integrate them.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions enable us to significantly impact our carbon footprint and the economy

For property owners, the energy transition opens up a new playing field worth utilising. The hot topics of the day include low-emission energy solutions, changes in the energy market and fluctuating energy prices.

Together with our customers, we identify the opportunities that energy transition offers for each property.

We are the leading sustainability expert in the real estate and construction sector!


More than 150 sustainability and energy consultants


Sustainability-driven construction projects annually


Granlund’s NPS for Sustainability Services

The future is built of smart and sustainable solutions

Our goal is to make properties more functional and smarter and to improve human well-being in the built environment. As a sustainable operator in the real estate and construction sectors, we want to contribute to mitigating climate change and supporting sustainable growth. We strongly believe that this can be achieved with new digital solutions and by working together with our customers and stakeholders.


The productivity of the real estate and construction sector must be improved

We want to bring the productivity of the sector to a level that we can all be proud of. We have the recipes for this and change is already underway!


Sustainability benefits everyone

We are confident that humanity will find ways to take care of the Earth. Sustainability involves not only taking care of the environment, but also the well-being of people.


Data and digitalisation open doors to the future

Data and digitalisation provide means of improving the productivity of the real estate and construction sector.


Energy efficiency influences our carbon footprint and economy

Energy efficiency expertise has always been our strength. Our carbon handprint covers the entire lifecycle of properties.


Extensive range of services

With our extensive range of services, we can help with every phase of a property’s lifecycle. Our lines of business are MEP design, property management services and software, energy, environmental and real estate sector consulting, construction management and supervision and building management.

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Our international network of experts will help you comprehensively with your real estate needs. Contact us!


Join us – come work for Granlund

Granlund employees share a genuine culture of caring and a desire to help colleagues. We offer diverse positions for real estate, construction and software professionals. We have career opportunities in Finland, and also in Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

The right services for your industry

Hospitals and healthcare

In hospital design, we pay particular attention to the operating environment and the smooth day-to-day lives of healthcare professionals. We help to create user-oriented and reliable hospital facilities.

Data centers

The volume of data is increasing at an accelerating pace. Data centres must respond to the need and increase their capacity while operating increasingly energy-efficiently and responsibly.

Commercial premises and retail

Intelligently designed and maintained business premises are easy and comfortable to use. Our solutions keep the energy costs and carbon footprint of the retail sector under control.


Changing ways of working require office premises to offer a great user experience. With cost- and energy-efficient design solutions and optimum property management, we help to keep your property competitive.

Municipalities and cities

Do you want to optimise the management of the real estate assets of a municipality or city or the energy efficiency of properties? Our local experts help with all maintenance and design needs of real estate assets.

Schools and educational institutions

Healthy indoor air conditions and smart school facilities support the well-being of students and staff. Our design and maintenance solutions ensure that your premises work sustainably and energy-efficiently.

Energy companies

We help our partners to understand the transition taking place in the energy business and make solutions that will guarantee the competitiveness of energy companies now and in the future.


Our experts provide you with functional and sustainable solutions for the needs of industrial properties and processes. We help to develop both the technical reliability and environmental responsibility of the premises.

Hotels and restaurants

Comfortable conditions increase the comfort of hotel and restaurant guests. With the right technical systems, the maintenance of the premises becomes easier, productivity increases and energy efficiency is improved.

Culture and historical buildings

Are you planning a new art museum or a complete overhaul of a theatre? Let us harness technology to support your cultural experience. We also take care of the repairs and alterations of listed sites, respecting the history and architecture of the building.

Transport and logistics

Smart and proactive project design ensures the reliability and safety of transport and logistics. At the same time, it keeps costs under control and also saves energy.


We ensure an excellent user experience with energy-efficient design solutions and smart maintenance. Neither do we compromise on the productivity, functionality or responsibility of sports facilities.

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