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Condition assessments and technical surveys

Condition assessments and technical surveys

Condition assessments and technical surveys provide valuable information about the condition and maintenance of your property. We provide the best professionals for condition assessments and surveys throughout the lifecycle of the property.

Valuable information from condition assessments and technical reports

We provide real estate owners and investors as well as housing companies with expertise and effective reporting tools for condition assessments, need assessments and condition reports of technical systems and structures in buildings. Our services cover the entire lifecycle of the property from new construction and renovation to maintenance and servicing.

In addition to one-time condition assessments and other reviews, we also carry out continuous reviews of the property with professional skill. These include the property’s Capex management, quality audits, auditing of service agreements and audit of tenant liabilities.

You should choose a reliable professional who knows what they are doing for condition assessments and technical surveys. At Granlund, we have a wide range of expertise in all areas of construction and MEP design.

Condition assessments help to determine the property’s repair needs

With condition assessments, we investigate the condition of the structures and systems of large properties, such as office, commercial and residential properties, and minimise uncontrolled future cost risks. Our customers in condition assessments and technical reports include property owners and operators responsible for building and maintenance projects.

With the condition assessments, we can survey the future repair needs of the property and their costs. They can also be used for finding out the causes of problems that have occurred in the property. In addition, a comprehensive condition assessment can control the systematic maintenance and need-based maintenance of the property. We also carry out condition assessments in connection with real estate transactions, allowing you, as a party to the transaction, to receive important information about the technical condition of the property concerned. Our services also include condition assessments associated with Technical Due Diligence surveys.

For more detailed surveys, we will carry out a condition survey concerning a limited part of the building that includes the opening of structures, if necessary.

Energy inspections help to save energy

An energy review offers concrete proposals concerning cost-efficient energy efficiency measures. We also carry out site reviews in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Act. We calculate both the costs and the energy-saving impact, which makes it possible to use the data extensively in energy efficiency projects, energy management and Capex management. We can use remote connections to building automation as well as the Granlund Manager maintenance manual and energy reports in the reviews.

Condition reviews ensure healthy conditions

We carry out diverse condition reviews in both new construction and renovation sites. We always pay attention to the safety of people, and mapping of harmful substances, for example, can provide information about substances that can affect the price of renovation in structures, insulation or surfaces. Cleanliness management already in the construction phase prevents indoor air problems and ensures healthy conditions for everyone.

Digital condition assessments save time

Digital reporting tools makes property management and maintenance clearer, more efficient and more systematic. If necessary, we use Granlund Manager, compiling property information in a single place in a digital format. At the same time, the condition assessment process becomes faster, updating data is easy and the report is finished right away. Thanks to the mobile application, the collected data and observations can also be recorded in the system on-site.

Our condition assessment and technical survey services

  • Condition assessments and surveys
  • Energy reviews
  • Investigations of asbestos and other harmful substances
  • Flue surveys in connection with pipe renovation
  • Thermal imaging
  • Measurement services (air flows, water flows, humidity)
  • Long-term plan (LTP)
  • Condition assessments and surveys of electrical equipment
  • Technical analyses and measurements

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