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Cost control and calculation

Cost control and calculation

Continuous cost control helps to control the total costs of a construction project already during the planning process. We control the development of costs in real time with regular cost estimates and cost and lifecycle calculations.

Continuous cost control covering the entire lifecycle of the building

It is important to evaluate, calculate and steer the development of costs impartially throughout the construction project. Continuous real-time cost control already takes place alongside planning. This allows us to ensure that the project remains within the budget and to react immediately to possible risks, which contributes to avoiding unnecessary planning. We produce up-to-date cost information covering the entire lifecycle of the building, from the needs assessment and project planning phase to implementation. Continuous cost control also makes planning solutions easier, as comparative information can be produced well in advance.

Lifecycle cost calculation extends to ensuring the functioning of the building

With lifecycle cost calculation, we provide information about the operating, maintenance and demolition costs and energy consumption of the building. Responsibility objectives are an important part of the big picture, which is why the accuracy level of cost calculation documentation is in line with the requirements of the BREEAM and LEED environmental certificates. It is also important to take lifecycle cost management into account in ensuring the functioning of the property.

Reliable MEP design cost and quantity calculations

In addition to structural systems, we specialise in the cost control of MEP design. The value of expertise in MEP design calculations is emphasised in all projects, but especially in demanding hospital, energy efficiency and Smart Building projects. You will receive a quantity-based HPAC and automation cost estimate right at the beginning of the design phase, making it possible to steer the project based on accurate baseline data. It also makes it easier to compare bids. BIM-based bills of quantities are useful, for example, in project management services for construction projects.

The development of cost estimates is monitored in the visual situation room

We want to share up-to-date cost information openly and transparently with the different parties involved in the construction project. BIM-based cost control facilitates many digital ways of working that help you make informed decisions. In the digital situation room, cost estimates and the development of cost are monitored in real time.

Comprehensive cost control takes several objectives into account

We enhance the cost control of the design phase with the Lean approach. A Target Value Design matching the client’s goals makes cost control more comprehensive. With the TVD method, you consider the impact of different design solutions on costs, but also on other goals, such as the needs of end users. TVD also helps to avoid costly redesign and compromises on quality. Read more about Lean construction.

Our cost control services

  • Cost control throughout the construction project
  • Cost calculation and cost estimates of construction and HVAC, automation and electrical systems
  • Quantity surveying of construction and HVAC, automation and electrical systems
  • Quantity-based cost calculation
  • Lifecycle cost calculation, studies and analyses
  • Comparisons of architectural modellings
  • Comparative calculations with other cost estimates
  • Cost assessments in area construction

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