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4D Planning Services

4D Planning Services

Illustrative 4D planning increases the productivity of the construction project and prevents scheduling and cost risks. We support the management of the construction site and implementation planning with visualization, for example, in terms of schedules, costs, safety or carbon emissions.

4D planning is suitable for building and infrastructure construction

4D technology can be implemented equally to building and infrastructure construction, and any 3D data model is suitable as a starting point for the scheduling. There is no upper limit for the data content, and it is possible to visualize building frame implementation schedules as well as, for example, electrical and HVAC works.

4D planning creates a visual overview of the construction site. It is therefore a building information model that can be used to present the step-by-step progress of a construction project towards the jointly set timetable, cost or responsibility objectives in an easily-understandable way.

A versatile management tool

4D visualizes the aspects relevant to the construction project. Primarily, 4D planning serves the site management and shows how much time has been allocated for the various work phases and how construction is progressing. We can visualize the entire construction process, such as factory production and design phases. Based on the construction schedule, we can also make a data model-based planning schedule consistent with it.

We are also constantly developing new product applications together with our customers. 4D planning technology can be utilized, for example, in the cost and carbon footprint management. The achievement of different objectives can be monitored separately or in the same view.

An efficient tool for takt production

In the 4D schedule, it is possible to view the progress of the planning and implementation, side by side, or the difference between the construction schedule and the realization. We use different colours to illustrate what has already been achieved on the site and at what stage the construction should be.

4D planning involves enriching data models. We record the working time required for installation for each object of the model, which means that the model tells the workloads by work type at a certain work phase and location. 4D is therefore an excellent starting point for takt-based scheduling. Site-specific workloads can also be produced at the beginning of the project on the basis of the spatial model.

In addition, the planning needs schedule can be visualized with space and area-specific views, so that the designer knows immediately for which area the next implementable plans must be produced. In addition to visualization, the data can also be moved, and the need dates can be exported to the planning tools, so that the designer can filter out only those structures for which plans are needed next. A reliable overview supports takt production, and tasks flow steadily and predictably from one phase to another.

Schedule risk management during the various phases of the project

4D plans can be implemented during different phases of the project. The best result is achieved when schedules are created as 4D plans right from the beginning. In this way, surprises can be avoided and scheduling and cost risks managed in a cost-effective way.

The project kicks off immediately after the architect has created the first spatial model. As the project progresses and the data becomes more accurate, spatial model-based data will be replaced by building component-level models in different design areas. Due to the process, the best available data can always be found from the same tool.

If the construction schedule has already been established, the feasibility of the project can be ensured with 4D. Visualization helps to detect errors in phasing, for example. 4D supports decision-making and improves the transparency of data and data-based management. The 4D plan takes the precision level of the schedule to a whole new level: a building component-level schedule with a buildable order is generated already at the general schedule phase.

Safety planning in a 4D view

4D provides an easy-to-use tool for safety planning. We can link the hazards and safety risks of different installation phases to 4D visualization. In this case, for example, protective fence orders and construction site logistics are planned proactively. It is also possible to record incidents and near misses in the 4D plan for monitoring and reporting purposes.

4D planning services

  • Frame4D
  • 4D technical building services (or MEP4D)
  • MRU4D (or GEO4D)
  • Planning needs schedule (timing for each plan to the accuracy of the individual building component)
  • Planning schedule – all planning areas, all planning tasks – scheduled, coordinated, visualized as 4D spatial models
  • Spatial model-based 4D
  • Interior/finishing 4D
  • Occupational safety 4D
  • Monitoring of implementation
    • Drone services
    • 360 imaging services
    • Site reporting system
  • Costs included in the schedule (5D)
  • Video production
  • More detailed simulation of critical parts, for example, simulation of critical and difficult lifting, guidance of the working group through animation.

Fixed price Frame4D product 

We are the first in Finland to offer a fixed price Frame4D product. It is suitable for scheduling the frame phase of sites of less than 18,000 gross square metres, such as schools, offices, industrial and residential buildings. 4D improves communication, enhances the quality of the schedule and leaves a digital footprint. This will allow the transfer of lessons learned from one project to another. Optimizing the construction process makes the production of sites of all sizes more efficient.

The schedule is created and optimized based on the customer’s BIM modelling, mathematical formulas and databases. Based on the Frame4D, a plan schedule can be created to support the planning or a detailed and ready process for the implementation of temporary facilities.

It only takes a few hours. 4D plan will be completed after the kick-off meeting in two weeks, and then visualization will be available for free with the Bentley Systems viewer. It works in the same way as other 3D software. In addition, we offer license versions subject to a charge.

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