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Construction management and supervisionEnergy efficiency projects

Energy efficiency projects

Well-designed and implemented energy efficiency projects are profitable investments. They reduce a property’s operating costs, improve comfort and reduce emissions. We provide the most comprehensive expertise in energy efficiency projects.

A well-implemented energy efficiency project pays off

When designed and implemented properly, projects to improve energy efficiency are highly profitable investments in many ways. The value and yield of your property will increase in the short and long term as energy-saving investments reduce operating costs and the maintenance backlog.

Energy efficiency projects can also effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions, with the property investing in the recycling of waste heat and on-site renewable energy. Furthermore, energy efficiency projects can improve the flexibility, indoor air conditions and smart management of the properties.

Finland’s best expertise in energy efficiency projects

Our experts boast the most comprehensive expertise in energy planning and new energy solutions in Finland. As experienced real estate professionals, we can perceive the big picture instead of partial optimisation and find the most relevant things.

We usually implement energy efficiency projects as turnkey projects, with responsibility for surveying, planning and monitoring the implementation of the project. In addition, after commissioning, we ensure that the implemented solution meets the objectives.

We implement energy efficiency projects comprehensively, taking into account measures pursuant to the long-term plan and the reduction of the maintenance backlog. The result is the most cost-effective outcome.

As an independent expert, we are not committed to specific technology or equipment suppliers. We always pursue the solution that is the most profitable and technologically best from the customer’s point of view. We boldly propose solutions that make the most out of new technologies.

Property owners are interested in energy efficiency projects

Energy efficiency projects can improve the profitability and carbon footprint of diverse properties, from apartment buildings to shopping centres and from office buildings to sports facilities. The renovation of MEP design is usually at the core, which improves waste heat recovery, for example, and uses smart solutions to switch to needs-based energy consumption in ventilation and lighting, for example.

Real estate investors and retail chains are pioneers when it comes to energy. Municipalities and other public-sector operators are also increasingly exploiting the opportunities provided by energy efficiency projects.

Energy efficiency services

  • Energy survey
  • AI Energy Survey
  • Energy efficiency project planning
  • Multi-objective optimisation
  • Energy balance simulations
  • Energy efficiency measure implementation planning
  • Development of energy efficiency projects
  • Monitoring energy efficiency projects
  • Operational verification of energy efficiency projects

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