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Purchase and sale of real estate

Purchase and sale of real estate

The Due Diligence process provides objective information when buying or selling real estate. We help to minimise the risks associated with the purchase and sale of both individual properties and extensive property portfolios, as well as to streamline the transaction process.

Risk management and fluency in the purchase and sale of properties

Purchasing and selling properties always involves risks, and it is in the interest of all parties to minimise them. With our experts, you will get independent and reliable information about the properties to support your decision.

Due Diligence inspections focusing on technical and environmental issues provide a realistic overview of the transaction. In addition to technical information, you will get well-grounded proposals concerning the property’s future repair needs and expected repair costs, among other things.

Our consultants are helpful experts that provide you with the TEDD reviews you need for property transactions as a turnkey service. Thanks to our nationwide network of experts and international partners, our DD reports are cost-efficient, high-quality, flexible and timely.

Purchase and sale risks of real estate in euros

The Due Diligence process is about the risk management of real estate transactions. When buying and selling real estate, we make sure that all relevant information about the property is disclosed before the transaction. In a purchase process, we are also prepared to help the customer to take over the property after the transaction.

In projects under construction, we survey the risks and liabilities of the construction project during the project. After the Due Diligence review, we can ensure that the construction takes place as agreed.

During the Due Diligence process, we evaluate the property’s technical and environmental risks in euros, making it easier to take them into account in negotiations between the parties.

The most significant financial risks associated with property transactions can concern contaminated soil, which can lead to extremely high costs. Risk factors associated with health and safety can also have unexpectedly major impacts on the usability and costs of the property. For example, if the periodic inspections of the property have been ignored or the property has problems with indoor air quality or fire safety, even minor damage can have major consequences.

Our TEDD service provides an objective expert view of the object of the transaction, which allows you to manage the risks associated with real estate transactions without losing sight of the positive aspects of the property.

Support for buying and selling properties throughout the process

When buying or selling real estate, you will be supported by our experts throughout the transaction process. Our TEDD services are fully customisable to your needs.

Usually, the Due Diligence process includes a condition assessment of the property and survey of environmental risks, official reports and reviews of land use plan, building permit and easement-related matters. Furthermore, the Due Diligence service can include reviews associated with the maintenance liabilities and costs of the property, floor area measurements and conversion potential surveys.

In connection with the property’s condition assessment, we also review the periodic inspection documents of the systems and highlight any outdated inspections or outstanding repairs found during the inspections. Where necessary, we can also focus on, for example, the flexibility of the property, the level of maintenance and tenant liabilities.

The energy efficiency of the property and the possibility of environmental certification are increasingly investigated in connection with real estate transactions. Environmental reviews are emphasised in international transactions. There are lots of local building and environmental regulations in Finland, which is why a Finnish expert partner is particularly important when the seller or buyer candidate is foreign.

The ESG package included in our TEDD services provides information relating to the sustainability of the property. Attention to the end user and the assessment of user satisfaction are special features of our DD processes. With our market surveys, you can obtain information about the buyers in the region and competitive situation from the point of view of tenants’ business operations on which to base your plans.

Collaborative and confidential

Our services related to the purchase and sale of real estate are interactive consultation, providing you with up-to-date information throughout the process. Our activities related to the DD process are always confidential and subject to secrecy. We carefully encrypt, protect and name our DD projects.

Our extensive range of services can be customised to suit your needs. We provide you with all real estate consultancy services, such as leasing support services, renovation planning and development services, as well as the Granlund Manager software for efficient property management.

Property transactions are demanding processes. Contact us and we will help you to minimise the risks!

Supporting you in buying and selling real estate

  • Energy efficiency and energy certificate
  • ESG service package
  • Fit out and tenant changes
  • Land use planning, building permit and easement matters
  • Assessment of repair needs and costs and long-term repair costs assessments (LTP)
  • Condition assessments 
  • User well-being
  • Flexibility and analysis of conversion potential
  • Floor area measurements
  • Risks and liabilities of construction projects (supervision of the customer’s interests)
  • Official inspections and periodic maintenance
  • Evaluation of maintenance quality
  • Maintenance responsibilities and costs
  • Survey of environmental risks
  • Environmental certificates

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