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Culture and historical buildings

Culture and historical buildings

Are you planning a new art museum or a complete overhaul of a theatre? Let us harness technology to support your cultural experience. We also take care of the repairs and alterations of listed sites, respecting the history and architecture of the building.

With our design and construction solutions, you can create cultural experiences and cherish historical buildings

The lighting and soundscape contribute to the customer experience of both museum guests and theatre-goers. With presentation technology and lighting, we put your visitor in the middle of the experience with all their senses.

We help to design and implement facilities that seamlessly combine functionality and experience with history and the present. We always build a suitable service package based on your needs, from MEP design to construction and property maintenance.

Functional and atmospheric premises convince visitors

Our solutions in audiovisual design and presentation technology support the presentation of content at your site in the best way possible. We combine technical and content expertise in video, light and sound to help create memorable experiences for your site, such as immersive video walls with soundscapes. With building automation solutions and digital services, we ensure that cultural treasures are maintained in optimum indoor conditions, for instance.

We also see to the usability of the premises. We design the solutions so that the premises are easy for the personnel to work in and for visitors to visit. Our engineering systems are pleasant to use, and being reliable, they will last a long time in use.

In museums, technical solutions must be reliable but subtle, as the main purpose of technology is to support the exhibition’s manuscript and story. In addition to the durability of technology and the safety of the works of art, we also help to create the right atmosphere for the museum.

Timo Muurinen, Group Manager, Granlund

Modern needs and historical values meet

At sites of historical value, we ensure that our design and repair solutions respect the history and architecture of your site – without compromising on the functionality and user experience. We complete the entire renovation project from preliminary surveys and MEP Design to the construction and supervision of the project.

Historical sites are often protected. With decades of experience, we know the protection orders of buildings and seamlessly collaborate with the authorities. We take into account the different uses of the premises and coordinate the building’s history with modern needs. Our experts are also familiar with security classified sites.

Smooth renovation makes life easier for users

During repairs and renovations, the premises are often open to users, so we also invest in personal safety and good indoor air during the renovation project. We plan the actions so that they cause the minimum disturbance to the users.

You can make maintenance more efficient and increase productivity with data

We also help to take over the maintenance of the property. Optimum maintenance improves customer satisfaction and the productivity of your property. The cloud-based Granlund Manager software supports the management of the property’s lifecycle. The software keeps the technical data of the property up to date and easily accessible at all times. Furthermore, service requests from users to maintenance are transmitted swiftly via the Granlund Manager mobile app.

The maintenance of indoor conditions is particularly emphasised in old high-value buildings. With Granlund Manager, you can monitor the condition of structures and ventilation systems. With data, maintenance is properly dimensioned and accurately timed. This allows you to keep the indoor conditions healthy and take care of the well-being of the users of your property.

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