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Fire safety engineering

Fire safety engineering

Fire safety engineering takes care of the safety of the property and its users. We respond flexibly to fire safety engineering needs in the design, consulting and construction of automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Fire safety engineering takes safety requirements into account

Every year, between 6,000 and 7,000 building fires occur in Finland, and dozens of lives are lost. The damage to property is also considerable. It is therefore very important that the fire safety of buildings is also taken into account.

In fire prevention, it is essential to choose the correct fire extinguishing equipment for the building. A fire develops at a frightening rate indoors. Fire extinguishing equipment facilitates rescue operations and limits or extinguishes a fire it detects and informs the people in the building and the building’s systems and emergency services of the fire. The regulations categorise the equipment into sprinkler systems, gas fire extinguishing systems and other extinguishing systems, such as watermist systems.

We offer expertise in fire safety engineering for all systems

Granlund’s fire safety engineering experts help the construction project operator to ensure that the designed building meets the essential fire safety requirements. Granlund offers special engineering experts for all systems and projects. We respond flexibly to our customers’ needs in the design, consulting and construction of automatic fire extinguishing systems.

In addition to apartments and business premises, we are familiar with fire extinguishing systems in demanding spaces. We assess the need and costs of new fire extinguishing systems and specify the dimensioning and design criteria. We also carry out condition assessments and testing of fire extinguishing equipment. We can minimise the maintenance needs and risks of systems even for decades.

Sprinkler design improves the fire safety of the building

A sprinkler significantly increases fire safety; it is a roof-mounted water fire extinguishing system that operates automatically and quickly in the event of a fire. A sprinkler system improves the possibility of people in the building to leave and be rescued in the event of a fire. It usually extinguishes the fire completely, because the sprinkler reacts to the situation before the fire can spread and cause more extensive damage. Granlund’s fire safety engineers have years of solid and comprehensive expertise in sprinkler design.

Gas extinguishing systems protect important systems

Gas extinguishing systems, which are included in the scope of fire safety engineering, protect critical facilities, such as data centers, electrical rooms, UPS facilities, machinery, equipment and valuable museum collections, for instance. A gas extinguishing system is a good choice for facilities that cannot be extinguished using water, powder or foam. The system readily reports fires and quickly extinguishes the fire at an early stage. Our gas extinguishing system engineers will help you find the best solution for your premises.

Fire investigation is part of fire engineering services

A fire is always a tragedy for the people concerned. We carefully and systematically examine each site. We help the authorities, insurance companies and private property owners to investigate even the trickiest fires and their causes.

Our strength lies in our desire to remain at the forefront of fire engineering

Our fire engineering experts are familiar with the industry standards not only in Finland, but also in Europe (EFSN), the United States (NFPA) and Russia. We participate in the activities of the Finnish association of sprinkler engineering (SPRITY) and in working groups of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) and the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL). Our team includes several persons certified by Kiwa Inspecta and Tukes, and we induct young talent into the sector internally and through international training. We use 3D modelling and special software for designing cleanrooms, for example, in fire safety engineering.

Our fire engineering services

  • Design of automatic extinguishing systems
  • Sprinkler design
  • Design of gas extinguishing systems
  • Design of mist extinguishing systems
  • Needs assessments
  • Cost calculations
  • 3D data modelling
  • Condition assessments of fire prevention systems
  • Fire safety systems design
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Selection, comparison and tendering of extinguishing systems

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