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Electrical engineering and digital solutions for the New Children’s Hospital

Electrical engineering and digital solutions for the New Children’s Hospital

2.7.2021 – Granlund was responsible for the electrical engineering at the New Children’s Hospital.

Hospitals and healthcare
Electrical design, Tele and security design, Fire safety engineering, Audiovisual and presentation technology design, Medical equipment design
Finland, Granlund Group
New children's hospital
The New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki as opened in September 2018.

When designing the New Children’s Hospital, the bar was set high. The aim was to build the best children’s hospital in the world. We at Granlund were responsible for the electrical engineering of the whole project.

We provided the electrical and lighting design, telecom and security services, fire prevention, AV technologymedical equipment design and cleanliness management for the New Children’s Hospital, which was built by the New Children’s Hospital Foundation. We were also responsible for the magnetic field measurements and power grid verification solutions.

Planning technical building systems at an operational hospital

The gross floor area of the New Hospital is approximately 45,000 square metres. Its planning started in spring 2014, and the first patients will be admitted in autumn 2018. The planning was carried out simultaneously with construction work, and building information modelling was used in all phases of the project. Throughout the project, there was an administrative building, a canteen and a kitchen near the construction site.

Energy efficient and innovative children’s hospital

The New Hospital provides treatment of rare and severe diseased nationally. For example, cardiac surgery, organ transplants and severe paediatric diseases in the Helsinki region will be centralised to the new hospital. The patients range from premature babies to 15-year-olds.

The New Children’s Hospital wants to be the best children’s hospital in the world. Innovation, energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and cost control were important elements of the design. The hospital combines high-quality patient care with comfort, safety and adaptability.

Digital solutions support the child’s care pathway

Digital solutions support the child’s care pathway and streamline the work of hospital staff. The spaces have been designed for play and spending time with your loved ones. Special lighting and sound design make spaces also more comfortable. In addition to all this technological reliability is secured and technical failures won’t compromise hospital operations.

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Jukka Vasara

Vice President
Granlund Oy

New Children’s Hospital Helsinki

Finland, Granlund Group

Building services engineering for the Hospital District of Helsinki Area


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Hospitals and healthcare

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