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Audiovisual and presentation technology design

Audiovisual and presentation technology design

Do you want to make sure that you get skills in audiovisual and presentation technology design for your project? At Granlund Sound, Light and Image Experts, we are experienced professionals in performance spaces and systems and help you find the best solutions in the industry.

Audiovisual and presentation technology design creates experiences

We bring our know-how to the project and take responsibility for ensuring that the facilities created as a result of joint work are appropriate, long-lasting and energy-efficient for the user.

The importance of sound, light and image in our environment

The importance of audiovisual and performance technology as part of everyday life has grown and continues to grow at a tremendous rate. In addition to entertainment, experiences and culture, technology is an integral part of education, working life and healthcare. Location-independent work has further emphasised the importance of functional facilities and remote connections, while changing our day-to-day operations.

Functional audiovisual and presentation technology improves the comfort of the premises

We design audiovisual systems and presentation technology for meeting rooms, auditoriums and showrooms, for example. In addition to suitable hardware solutions, functional and stylish AV facilities need architecture, acoustics, furniture and lighting consideration. In addition, we can improve usability with a guidance and space reservation system. We also master the high-level AV and presentation technology of hospitals and the means to improve patient comfort through, for example, entertainment services, remote connections and sound and light art.

We employ top-level AV and presentation technology designers and experts from other design fields, such as architectural lighting, ICT-, building technology and hospital equipment design sectors. In cooperation, we understand the needs of our customers and can respond to them on a site-by-site basis.

Presentation technology helps to create functional spaces and presentations

Designing successful presentation technique requires empirical knowledge of presentations. Our designers have training in the fields of art and technology, as well as extensive experience in the functionality of diverse performing arts spaces. We have comprehensive knowledge of the requirements of performance spaces that serve the needs of the audience and staff, stage mechanics and lighting, sound and imaging systems. We also have a lot of experience  in content production for performances, spaces and events.

Exhibitions, museums and events are in need of AV and performance technology design

Exhibition and museum activities, as well as public events, also require innovative design of AV and presentation technology content and solid experience of the various stages of production in order to succeed. We have in-depth knowledge of various exhibition and presentation techniques as well as the planning and coordination of large public events. We take into account in the design that exhibition activities are a constantly evolving and updating process that, at its best, supports in many ways the well-being of the public and staff.

Our audiovisual and presentation technology services

  • 3D data modeling and VR visualisation
  • Audiovisual design and performance control system design
  • Consulting, conceptualisation and design of image, sound and lighting content
  • Stage mechanics design
  • Overlay design
  • Content production and artistic design
  • Sound landscaping

Want to discuss more about audiovisual and presentation technology design?

Ilkka Paloniemi

Leading Expert, TeM
Granlund Oy

Markku Myllys

Specialist, AV systems
Granlund Oy

Arttu Harjula

Group Manager, AV systems
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