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How can gamification benefit property management? – The Four S’s of gamification

25.11.2021 – At the Dubai 2020 Expo, Granlund introduces a game that makes everyone a property manager – for two minutes. The…

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IT expert checking supercomputer server

Why test Data Center performance after construction? 5 key reasons

17.09.2021 – Data center investors are willing to use large amounts of money on capacity and resiliency in data centers. What are…

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Using Augmented Reality in Facility Management – more potential than challenges?

14.11.2020 – At Granlund, we are tapping into the potential of Augmented Reality for facility management. Our goal is not only to…

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BLOG: The Future City should be Citizen Centric, Smart and Sustainable

11.09.2019 – Why does anyone care if a building is smart? In other words: why should we invest in or why would…

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Making properties function better

09.09.2019 – More than MEUR 200 is wasted in Finnish properties every year because the basics are not in order. All properties,…

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Smart future of the built environment

05.09.2019 – Smart buildings using artificial intelligence. Autonomous data centers. New ways to design technical building services. Future data offers multiple possibilities,…

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Blog: Filter Kahvia spiced with some hacking and chocolate bread

05.02.2019 – This year the AEC (=architecture, engineering, construction) hackathon was held in Copenhagen at the end of January. Granlund participated for…

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