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Construction management and supervision

Construction management and supervision

Our construction management and supervision experts make sure that the construction process is implemented efficiently, comprehensively and flexibly.

Strong expertise in construction management and supervision

Our experts in construction management and supervision have solid expertise and long experience in the preparation, design control and supervision of renovations. We offer you everything you need to carry out the construction process efficiently and with high quality.

We offer a comprehensive range of construction management, supervision and design services for the project. We also have strong expertise in implementing cost estimates, continuous cost control and cost calculation. Our areas of special expertise also include protected and security classified facilities, supervision of the compliance of high-voltage equipment and installations and safety consulting.

Our expertise in technical construction management and supervision is the best in the industry. In supervising installations, you will be assisted by our experts’ extensive knowledge of installation regulations. By using the expertise of our experts in installation supervision, you can ensure that the installations are compliant and safe.

Skilled construction management, supervision and design guarantee a successful project

Successful construction management requires a skilled team taking the construction project forward. Our construction management and supervision experts help you to manage the project, both as a whole and in the more detailed design and implementation according to your needs.

In project management, we ensure that the construction of the project proceeds as planned, both in small and mega-class renovation projects. We can also take care of the acceptance phase tests, making it easier to commission the building. Our consultants, on the other hand, help with project studies and cost calculations of the construction project.

Our expertise also includes safety consulting and cleanliness management. We help you to find suitable and necessary coordinators for your project, such as the safety coordinator, the humidity management coordinator and the cleanliness management coordinator (FISE).

Good construction management and supervision serve your interests

With the help of our experts, the project costs, quality, schedule, risks, contracts and information are under control. We lead the project and look after your interests.

Our construction management and supervision services

  • Construction management
  • Renovations
  • Project management
  • Supervision of construction work
  • Supervision of HVAC work
  • Supervision of electrical installations
  • Supervision of building automation installations
  • Cost estimates, cost calculation and profitability calculation
  • Cleanliness management
  • Humidity management
  • Technical surveys
  • Security coordination
  • Project plan
  • Long-term planning

A well-realised project will include the following:

  • Needs assessment
  • Project planning
  • Preparation of design
  • Control of proposal and general design
  • Building permit tasks
  • Oversight of implementation planning
  • Preparation of construction 
  • Construction management and supervision 
  • Commissioning and its supervision 
  • Warranty period and servicing of warranty obligations 
  • Project management and leadership

As the construction manager, we also serve the building’s users

Our customers are typically companies, professional developers and housing companies, so as a construction manager, supervisor and designer, we know how to take into account and engage the end users.

Our responsibilities do not end in the commissioning phase; we steer the design in a flexible direction that also takes the future users into account. Warranty-period monitoring, testing and realisation of the condition promises play an essential role in our operations. We repair even small problems right away.

We will provide you with final documentation that supports the maintenance of the property and facilitates the planning of future projects. Our overall responsibility covers the selection of the most suitable contract forms, tools and working methods. We also flexibly use workshops, combination information models, Granlund Manager’s electronic maintenance manual, visualisation tools and diverse imaging methods from thermal cameras to drones.

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