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Our construction and property management consulting services help to strengthen your business as a responsible operator. Continue as a trailblazer or become one – we will help!

Consulting adds value to the entire lifecycle of the property

When you are looking for an expert in any real estate and construction sector need, from construction to maintenance management, we have an expert for you. We are enthusiastic about our work and the idea of continuous improvement. Sustainability is strongly present in everything we do.

We neutrally promote the best solutions, both technically and economically. State-of-the-art energy-efficient solutions, cost efficiency and supporting success in demanding property transactions are our passion.

Consulting is based on solid expertise and innovation

In addition to extensive expertise, our strengths include the ability to combine theory with practice. We actively take part in innovation and development activity in the real estate and construction sector and provide you with the best innovation.

We are thoroughly familiar with the needs of those who build, own and manage properties. We are delighted to receive excellent feedback on our work from our customers, and are particularly pleased with the expertise of our experts*.

*) Customer satisfaction survey 2021

Smart Building utilises the property’s intelligence according to usage needs

With Smart Building solutions, we help to bring intelligence to properties in a controlled way, with usage needs first. There are diverse applications and systems available for properties nowadays, but the problem is often that they might not communicate with each other. We help to find the best solutions that support the purpose of use of the property.

We are taking the industry forward with development and pilot projects

We carry out development and pilot projects with our customers to implement the industry’s state-of-the-art solutions. We can carry out pilot projects using Lean procedures, develop information management processes or create new digital services, for example.

We seek concrete solutions in projects together with our customers. We carry out both quick experiments and carefully specified pilot projects whose results will be scaled up later.

Sustainability is emphasised in consulting

Property owners increasingly want to have a tangible impact on mitigating climate change and to aim for low-carbon or carbon-neutral construction and property management. Many are interested in environmental certifications, where our expertise is top-notch, whether new or existing buildings are concerned.

The aim of our energy and lifecycle consulting is to improve energy efficiency and quality in construction and property maintenance. We offer a comprehensive approach to environmentally responsible operation. In addition to energy and waste reduction, we take long-term sustainability, maintenance, waste management and the indoor environment into consideration.

We help to prepare road maps and strategies to carbon neutrality and find the economically and operationally most sustainable ways of reaching the goals and reporting on the results.

Conceptualised solutions and project development

We offer impartial and effective concepts for diverse projects. In construction, we conceptualise the solutions to be low-carbon and cost-efficient. This means minimising the carbon peak from construction and emissions caused by the use of energy during the lifecycle.

We believe in cooperation and fluently combine interoperability with new technology. We have the experience and the right tools to lead people to the same table to discuss the options and decide on the goals. We also offer you a wide range of training services.

Consulting helps in the transition to data-driven management

We master diverse measurements, condition assessments and technical reviews that provide valuable information about your property. We also conduct audits and surveys for maintenance.

Business intelligence provides construction and property maintenance with a completely new kind of systematicality, quality and timeliness. Developing the digital capabilities of properties and data-driven management is a key area of expertise of our consulting services. We help to manage value development with information and modern digital solutions.

We have the industry’s best expertise and digital tools for lifecycle management, ensuring the seamless use of property data from design to construction and from commissioning to maintenance.

Supporting you in property management, leasing, real estate transactions and procurement

In property management, even individual actions can result in miracles, but we believe that actual results are seen when property management is seen as a whole with never-ending development. Read more about our property management services!

Our solid technical and financial expertise is also at your disposal to support property leasing and real estate transactions (due diligence) as well as in tendering and procurement. Read more about our tendering services during the project and construction phases and in the acquisition of property services.

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