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Tele and security design

Tele and security design

Our specialists in tele and security sector provide excellence for high-security projects, such as hospitals, large infrastructure projects and the government’s classified projects.

Tele and security design increases operational reliability

Universal cabling systems  and functional telecom interfaces are behind every functioning property. The best telecom systems are such that they make life easier for the users of the premises without being noticed.  Fire alarm and emergency PA systems , on the other hand, improve people’s safety and provide response time. The coverage required by the authorities is ensured with properly designed networks. The property’s  mobile or multi-operator networks  guarantee that users have fast and comprehensive connections even in challenging conditions.

Our security design is a comprehensive service

Our security design and consulting is extensive cooperation in which the functional entity is the decisive factor. We always plan our business and facility security services on a client-by-client basis. Through risk assessments, we anticipate factors putting business operations at risk, and we ensure physical security with lobby services, for example. We also pay attention to government regulations.

We are at the forefront of the industry through collaboration

In tele and security projects, we engage in close cooperation and development projects with Granlund’s electrical and building automation designers and Lean consultants. Collaboration ensures that system integrations work and the solutions are future-proof. Our tools include Granlund Manager, WLAN simulation and the newest IoT and Smart Building solutions.

Our tele and security design services

  • Easy-to-use security technology
  • Personal security
  • Emergency PA systems
  • ICT and radio network solutions
  • System integrations
  • Surveys and reviews (structural and functional protection)
  • Wireless LANs
  • Mobile and multi-operator networks
  • Fire detector design
  • Tele and security consulting and design
  • Design of telecommunications networks
  • Security management
  • Security systems and physical information security (lobby services, access control, security guarding, locking of facilities)
  • VIRVE indoor coverage networks
  • Universal cabling systems
  • Corporate and facility security

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Aki Väänänen

Group Manager, tele, security and ICT design
Granlund Oy

Patrick Daniels

Tele and security design
Granlund Stockholm AB

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