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Digital services

Digital services

Our digital services facilitate business intelligence, optimising the operation of a building or building portfolio, and creating more with less.

Digital services increase productivity

At Granlund, we began to digitalise property and MEP design already in the 1990s with BIM and electronic maintenance manuals.

Currently, our digital services cover the entire lifecycle of buildings from design to construction and the management of completed properties.

Our digital services

  • Equipment data management
  • Building information management
  • Data storage and management environment
  • Integrations
  • Maintenance management software Granlund Manager
  • Digital Twin

Management and use of data

Our digital services include an equipment data software product that is also known by its former name, Granlund Designer. It makes endless e-mail discussions and Excel sheets concerning the choice of MEP design equipment redundant. Most importantly, it standardises the data content to computer-readable format for further use of the data during the lifecycle.

Building information management will help you organise your property’s planning documents, while the property data storage and management environment does the same for other property data from different sources.

Integrations allow data to flow to the property system and between different software, wherever and whenever it is needed. The Granlund Manager maintenance management software makes property maintenance smart and easy. The Digital Twin visual user interface shows the property easily on the building’s 3D layout image.

Data also flows efficiently between our services; for example, data can be migrated directly from Equipment data management to Granlund Manager.

Digital services help to manage data

Huge volumes of data are generated from different sources. However, data alone does not bring happiness. It must be put to good use, above all to support decision-making and management.

With our digital services, you can do things faster, more efficiently and based on data. At the same time, you can also reduce the carbon footprint.

Our digital services help to design and build more ecological properties. They improve the control of construction processes and schedule management. Our digital services also help in using properties in the most energy-efficient and resource-efficient way.

Data will continue to flow

We help you to build the digital architecture of your properties and ensure its operation throughout the lifecycle. We make sure that digital systems are updated and that data flows efficiently in the future as well.

Our digital services provide solutions for all phases of your property’s lifecycle. The services do not only provide individual solutions to acute problems, but also comprehensive service packages.

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Teemu Hausen

Business Director, Digital Real Estate Services
Granlund Oy

Ville Reinikainen

Business Development Director
Granlund Oy

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