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Granlund Manager

Granlund Manager software

With the Granlund Manager software, you can take property management to a whole new level. You will get up-to-date knowledge for making smart decisions, and long-term planning is easier.

Make property management profitable with the Granlund Manager software

By making property management more efficient, you can save time, energy and money, while investing in the well-being of people and properties. The Granlund Manager software is a solution for smart and professional property management.

Granlund Manager facilitates business intelligence and continuous improvement in your property. With up-to-date information, you can make the right decisions. For example, you can find out the carbon footprint of your property and plan measures to reduce energy consumption. The software gives you an overview of the property’s maintenance, expenses and maintenance activities. It is also a great tool for quality monitoring and auditing.

With all information available in one place in Granlund Manager, you can efficiently implement, among other things, long-term plans (LTP), service request tracking and maintenance operations controls.

The user interface of Granlund Manager has been designed to be as user friendly as possible.

Granlund Manager is the most extensive product in the market

Granlund Manager helps you to quickly perceive the current state of your property. The visual front page gives you an up-to-date view of the desired entity at a glance. It is suitable for managing large property portfolios and a more in-depth examination of individual properties.

Granlund Manager is a modular solution for property management, allowing you to only get the functionalities you really need. The software allows dividing sites or buildings into different portfolios, making it easier to manage large volumes of data. In addition, you can scale and configure the software according to the needs of organisations, properties and property portfolios.

The software offers diverse features, such as dynamic reporting and integrations with other systems.

Granlund Manager is portable, showing where the sites of the property portfolio are located on a map, for instance.

Granlund Manager digitalises the maintenance of your property

Granlund Manager is a digital solution for the day-to-day maintenance of your property. So, you can forget about missing pens, messy stacks of paper and slow spreadsheet calculation.

Thanks to the logical user interface of the software, you can easily manage your property’s information and gain overall visibility into the maintenance of your property.

Granlund Manager offers functionalities customised for different users. For example, maintenance staff, property owners and tenants have their own views. Numerous organisations, municipalities and companies in Finland and abroad have placed their trust in the software: Alko, the S-Group and the City of Espoo, among others, have chosen Granlund Manager.

You can also use Granlund Manager as illustrative mobile apps, which particularly take users performing mobile work into account. Also unregistered users, such as a tenants, can submit service requests using a QR code.

Granlund Manager makes it easy to observe service requests.

Granlund has expertise in MEP design and property maintenance

Granlund Manager is used in retail, hotels and restaurants, conserved buildings and cultural sites, educational institutions, hospitals, office properties and manufacturing industry, among others. Its users also include cities and municipalities, as well as special sites such as data centers and sports facilities.

Ask our property maintenance and MEP design experts for further information about the benefits of Granlund Manager in property management. We will help you to find the best overall solution for your needs!

Granlund Manager functionalities

  • Tools for property maintenance management
  • Maintenance manual
  • Service requests
  • Maintenance plan
  • Tools for maintenance management
  • LTP
  • Energy management monitoring and optimisation
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Mobile apps
  • Integrations to other systems

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