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Medical equipment design

Medical equipment design

Healthcare professionals know best what kind of fixed medical equipment they need for their work. In medical equipment design, we maintain a close dialogue with the users throughout the healthcare project.

Medical equipment design is about collaboration with users

As medical equipment designers, our key task is to support user-driven hospital design and efficient nursing. Fixed medical equipment is needed in healthcare facilities of all sizes, from individual treatment and operating rooms to entire hospital campuses.

Fixed medical equipment design focuses on operational design

In designing fixed medical equipment, we focus on the functionality of hospitals and health centres in particular. In the best-case scenario, interaction with the users begins already before preparing the layout and continues throughout the hospital project. We propose a number of hospital design solutions to the users, and they make the final choice. This way, the right amount of technology needed for care is available in the right place. At the same time, we act as an interpreter between the hospital staff and designers. The medical equipment plan must function diversely, because it provides detailed input for architectural and MEP design, for example, and is part of equipment procurement.

The most experienced medical equipment designer in Finland

We have been designing fixed medical equipment in Finland for over 50 years and we employ the highest number of specialists in the field. In addition to designing fixed and movable medical equipment, we support the procurement of hospital equipment with precise documentation, monitor costs and monitor equipment installations. Because imaging supporting care is increasing all the time, we have also invested in imaging equipment design in recent years.

Digital tools support fixed medical equipment design

Medical equipment design requires a diverse approach, as the range of fixed medical equipment continues to grow. Technological developments have brought new tools to fixed medical equipment design, and KSL solutions are currently being developed together with users, mainly on a data model basis. With modern working methods, healthcare premises can be provided with highly reliable medical equipment that make working comfortable, smooth and efficient.

Our fixed medical equipment design services

  • Requirement specifications
  • Planning and coordination of equipment procurement
  • Scheduling of equipment installations in hospital projects
  • Monitoring tasks, such as installation supervision and monitoring of operations
  • Imaging equipment design
  • Equipment health checks

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