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Business intelligence and data

Business intelligence and data

Full advantage should be taken out of business intelligence in increasing the efficiency of the management and maintenance of real estate assets. We help you to build your entire business intelligence package, from digital tools to the management models that support them.

It is smart to harness data to business intelligence

Business intelligence is spreading rapidly across different sectors, and the real estate sector is no exception. Property owners and managers have increasingly found that decisions affecting the value of properties, operating costs and user comfort should be based on data in addition to experience.

In business intelligence, data is brought to the core of management at all levels of the organisation from senior management to the personnel in charge of property maintenance. The property manager can quickly see from their user interface an overview of the maintenance of the property portfolio, for example. Correspondingly, property managers and facility management companies are able to obtain real-time data concerning completed maintenance activities or energy consumption for each asset.

Business intelligence makes operations more systematic

Business intelligence provides property maintenance with a completely new kind of systematicness, quality and timeliness. It helps in seeing the big picture while giving access to the details. Time is saved and operations become faster when there is no need to look for information from different sources or collect reports from each property separately. Any deviations can be addressed immediately.

Data is collected from properties and refined into an easy-to-use format with the help of advanced digital tools. Information about properties is automatically obtained from diverse sensors, energy meters and building automation systems. Sources of data also include data manually input to digital systems, such as maintenance personnel’s records of operations or the condition reviewer’s proposals for larger projects.

Business intelligence is used for controlling both individual sites and property portfolios

Our business intelligence clients include companies that own several properties, real estate investors and public organisations. Business intelligence is also well suited to the management of a shopping centre or other large individual properties.

We are a good partner in the development of business intelligence, as you can get the complete business intelligence package from us, from the IT system to developing maintenance processes and management KPIs.

Getting your business intelligence software and processes in order

For effective business intelligence, you need the right technology and software to support data collection and processing. Our proprietary Granlund Manager is a cloud-based property and energy management software product that takes property management to a whole new level. Thanks to its modular management system, you can scale and configure Granlund Manager according to the needs of organisations, properties and property portfolios.

In addition, business intelligence requires effective operating processes that support the operating model. We also have in-depth experience in process development and can therefore support your organisation in building and streamlining processes.

It is also necessary to remember that business intelligence is always about people management. We will help your organisation to develop management systems and management KPIs so that decision-making is efficient at all levels of the organisation.

Our business intelligence services

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