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Property management

Property management

We can help you in managing the technical lifecycle of your properties. We harness the available real estate information as fuel for development.

Manage your properties’ lifecycles with data

In property management, even individual actions can result in miracles, but we believe that actual results are made when property management is seen as a whole with never-ending development.

Our job is to make your day-to-day life easier. We have picked our property management expert team to suit your needs. With us, you will be able to take action efficiently, as we know properties like yours very well – after all, we already have over 60 years of experience in Finnish properties’ technical solutions.

We will be particularly pleased to work with you on a long-term basis from year to year and to follow up on the results of our cooperation.

All properties are important to us. However, we are at our best when there are several properties and the management of the property portfolio needs expertise – regardless of the size of the property portfolio. We are familiar with the problems of the management of massive volumes.

Property management is about continuous improvement

We will support you in your goal of improving the quality of property management, no matter what your starting point.

Our property management services

Level 1: Getting monitoring in order and putting data to use

We make sure that the properties work and the processes are efficient. Cost-efficiency and tenant satisfaction guide decision-making.

Level 2: Bringing productivity to the next level

We take the analysis and development of efficiency to a more goal-oriented and long-term level. Maintaining the value of the property and tenant satisfaction guide decision-making.

Level 3: Long-term strategic management

Strategies and road maps for systematic management and implementation. We develop business intelligence, procurement and innovative solutions together with you. Data-driven decisions and sustainability guide decision-making.

A new era of lifecycle management

Properties’ lifecycle management is quite a puzzle of necessary skills and loose pieces that need to be connected. We have improved the conventional lifecycle mindset to meet today’s expectations, as we want you to stay at the forefront of the industry’s development. The new kind of lifecycle management is demanding, but this makes our work extremely interesting.

In lifecycle management, we simultaneously ensure the implementation of the goals of the owner and the users. The objectives include responsibility, energy efficiency, ensuring conditions and improving the value of the property. These are accomplished with good business intelligence, maintenance and planning and control of maintenance.

Information is at the core of everything

Information and its application through management and processes into the right measures is at the core of everything. Quality and the productivity of operations are increasingly connected to digital solutions.

There is an enormous range of property-specific technologies available, and they enormously increase the amount of digital property data. We are not only familiar with the data and numbers, but also the root causes underlying them and the keys to changing them.

Information is not valuable without a goal. First, we need to know what data is useful and only then take possession of the relevant data. After this, it is necessary to start using it correctly – in a professional and strategic way. When the lifecycle of properties is managed based on information, it is never again necessary to guess where activities should be allocated next and what could wait a little longer.

The goal is a property portfolio that provides its users with added value and is easy and affordable to maintain long into the future. In other words, the design, construction, repair and maintenance of properties is systematic from the physical and digital points of view.

Property management provides obvious benefits

1. Smaller carbon footprint

2. Obvious cost-savings and steadier cash flow

3. Healthy and more valuable properties

4. Satisfied users

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Susanna Sairanen

Director, Sales and Accounts
Granlund Oy

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