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Carbon neutrality consulting

Carbon neutrality consulting helps to reduce emissions from properties, organisations and construction projects in a systematic and cost-efficient way. Make the most out of our strong expertise: together, we can find the best ways to achieve low-carbon development.

Carbon neutrality consulting helps to achieve climate goals

Companies and organisations in the real estate and construction sector have increasingly set themselves the goal of low-carbon or completely carbon-neutral business. This requires, above all, being systematic and comprehensively assessing emission reduction measures. Our skilled carbon-neutrality consulting can provide valuable assistance in this.

Our extensive experience in the environmental management of construction projects, energy and material efficiency, energy and property management and maintenance lay a solid foundation for it. We also use our diverse construction and real estate sector experience and our major contact network for finding the best solutions for your organisation or project together with you.

We carry out carbon neutrality consulting in two main areas: construction projects and organisations.

In a construction project, carbon neutrality consulting covers the entire lifecycle

In new and renovation projects, carbon neutrality consulting helps to find emissions-reducing solutions in a comprehensive way. Our review covers the entire lifecycle from the manufacture of construction products, construction and maintenance to the recycling of materials at the end of the lifecycle.

The desired outcome is reached when low carbon emissions are set as the goal already before the actual planning commences. The source of emissions and the most effective way of addressing them are investigated for the first time at this point. After that, the emissions of the project should be controlled systematically throughout the construction project.

In order to find the best solutions, we have developed an emission cost optimisation service that optimises emissions and costs using an advanced digital tool. It allows us to compare thousands of different options and find the perfect combination for the project. In addition, we monitor the development of emissions and costs and control the planning based on the data throughout the project.

If the goal is carbon neutrality of the project, we also help to increase the carbon handprint of the project and, if necessary, find suitable solutions for offsetting the emissions of the project.

We also help create operating models and concepts that can be used for scaling carbon-neutral and low-carbon solutions to more than one location, for example, in building residential apartment buildings.

Low-carbon construction need not cost more than conventional construction. On the contrary, ecological solutions in design and material choices can reduce lifecycle costs.

A clear path for organisations and properties to emissions reductions

Our carbon neutrality also helps organisations and properties already in use to cut emissions in a systematic way and pursue carbon neutrality.

In the systemic approach, the first step is to know the sources of emissions. The next step is to find out how the emissions can be cut most efficiently.

We also help organisations to prepare an emissions reduction road map, in which the most effective and cost-efficient means to achieve emissions reductions during the years to follow are recorded. In finding these, we can use Granlund’s AI Energy Survey calculation tool, for example, which quickly calculates and simulates the means to achieve the highest energy savings and CO2 emission reductions cost-effectively based on the data in the energy certificate.

Own emissions and carbon footprint can usually be reduced up to a certain point. The remainder of the journey to carbon neutrality can be achieved through measures with positive climate impacts, known as the carbon handprint. This could include selling renewable energy produced in the property to the grid.

Our carbon neutrality-related services

  • Emissions control of construction projects
  • Carbon footprint and carbon handprint of a construction project (Sustainability of construction works, EN 15978)
  • Emission cost optimisation of construction projects
  • Calculation of the carbon footprint of organisations and properties (GHG Protocol)
  • Carbon neutrality road map
  • Energy and property portfolio management
  • Energy audits
  • Survey of ways to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Circular economy solutions
  • Emission commitments (Net Zero Carbon)
  • Carbon footprint and environmental declaration of construction products (EN 15804)
  • Reducing emissions through energy efficiency measures
  • RTS environmental ratings
  • Voluntary emission compensation
  • Procurement of green/renewable energy
  • Environmental and energy strategies
  • Environmental and corporate responsibility reporting (GRI, GRESB)
  • Environmental certifications (LEED, BREEAM, RTS)

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Head of Carbon Neutrality
Granlund Oy

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Group Manager
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