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Smart Building

Smart Building

Smart Building streamlines working days, reduces the carbon footprint and supports maintenance and servicing. We will help you to introduce a new kind of intelligence to the property in a controlled manner, with the usage needs first instead of technology.

Smart Building – from smart solutions to a genuinely wise property

Smart Building is versatile. It can include technology that uses geospatial data to make work smoother, for example. When you arrive at a smart property in the morning, an app on your mobile phone tells you right away where to find a vacant parking spot. The lift will automatically take you to the floor where your workstation is located. With the app, you can find an available workstation or meeting room and book it for your use.

Similar systems are also of great use in hospitals, for example. They guide customers, employees and materials to the right place in a large property – for example, a patient to the right reception desk or consulting room.

Smart Building supports sustainable development, maintenance and servicing

Intelligence can also be used to make a property more energy efficient and ecological and to reduce the carbon footprint. The importance of smart control systems is emphasised in energy self-sufficient renewable energy solutions.

Intelligence also helps to take advantage of demand flexibility and direct energy to where it is needed. For example, the heating, cooling and ventilation of premises can monitor the number of users present and adjust its operation accordingly.

Smart Building can also support the maintenance of the property. When the data produced by the equipment is analysed using artificial intelligence, operations can be made more efficient and resources allocated correctly.

Clarity to the application jungle

There are lots of smart solutions available for properties. The problem is, however, that there are numerous applications and systems and they might not communicate with each other. Individual smart solutions do not go far enough. Design that takes the whole into account is needed.

We’re here to help you on your way towards a truly smart and wise property. We approach the issue with needs first, not technology.

The big picture decides

Ways of working, the need for workspaces and their use are currently in a state of transition. We help you to find solutions that support the new working culture. We can also be the Smart Building main designer of your property, which helps to coordinate the solutions with the MEP Design and implementation.

In this case, we make sure that the electrical, HVAC and automation plans, for example, fit into the smart package that you have defined.

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Vili Tuomisaari

Business Director, Smart Building
Granlund Oy

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